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Hucow available

i am a bareback only cow currently living near atlanta. I am a full time breeder and NEVER use birth control. I am a hucow and I use a pump twice daily to milk.

I am looking for an owner that will keep me bred continuously. I don't care who impregnates me (I'll fuck anyone I'm told every day) as long as I'm kept pregnant.

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Master wants Limitless Cunts!!

I am an horny Master!!
I want almost limitless cunts!!
Be my dirty babydoll!!
Kik and snap daddy at:
Tell me limits!!
Call me Sir,Boss or Daddy!!

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Leigh is ordered to lengthen her nipples for her Master as a part of her training.

Master explained to me that he loved my nipples, but he wanted to see how loyal I could be to his desires. He set me on a schedule to extend the length of my nipples. He had a specific routine and I was to be ready each day at the same time with the camera placed on my bosom. He would guide me through the tit manipulations that took a total of 30 minutes to complete.

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Induced Lactation

I have been asked more than once if induced lactation without getting preggo is possible. Some people claim those who speak of such success are full of shit. I decided to help you aspiring hucow and hucow Masters get that milk flowing.

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Seeking a fat slave

Im a young master and im seeking a fat slave, that wants to serve me in real or online.
If you are interrested send me a PM.

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"Snakebite Kit" Results - BreastMilk and HUGE Nipples

For the person ( sorry, I forgot who and can't find your post? ) wondering if you can suck milk out of tits with a "Snakebite Kit", here is a link to a blog of one woman who claimed she was able to do it:

Here is a link from a woman's blog who is into titty torture. She said that she used a "Snakebite Kit", and put the cups on her tits for 1 hour and 30 minutes straight, and doing this not only made her nipples HUGE, she was able to suck milk out of her tits as well.

It is the 1st link below.

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Confessions of a cow slave

As many slaves and subs, i have always wanted to be an owned piece of property, an [filtered word], livestock. The illustrations and stories about this kind of thing make me so horny, wet, and aching. i want to be led around with a rope, chain or leash. i want to be pulled by my septum ring, prodded, poked, inspected, displayed and used. i want no rights over my body. i want to make milk.

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