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need a new cow for milking

Im a 26 year old farmer with 5 other cows that love being milked i would like to add a couple more

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Amateur L -- Happy New Year

here's how things looked on thursday morning. lots more pictures: slowly sorting through them. lemme know
if you want to see more ... L

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Sudden Unexplained Intrest In Owning A Cow!

Since I've been gone I have developed a interest in huscows. Not a area that held the slightest bit of interest for me before.

Apart from the obvious, ok including the obvious, what is involved?

And what do you "get" out of it?

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looking for hucow slaves to train online

Hi im looking for girls wanting to be trained into hucow milking slaves. If you are interresed in having your tits become big lactating udders contact me.

Master Psalmodis

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Milk my huge tits


I am interested in Milking. Can anyone teach me how? Thanks!

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I Want to be a Hucow

I want to be a hucow. I want huge udders that get milked and to be bred so I produce calves. I want to crawl on all fours, live in a barn-like envorionment, and only say "moooo!" when I speak. My farmer is free to use my nasty fat cow body however he wants to and share/rent me out to whoever he wants.

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Leigh is ordered to lengthen her nipples for her Master as a part of her training.

Master explained to me that he loved my nipples, but he wanted to see how loyal I could be to his desires. He set me on a schedule to extend the length of my nipples. He had a specific routine and I was to be ready each day at the same time with the camera placed on my bosom. He would guide me through the tit manipulations that took a total of 30 minutes to complete.

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Needys nipple play

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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Looking for females, Hosuton/Galveston area for fetish play,etc

Looking for women AGE (=>18), any race, any size for bdsm, bondage, breast bondage, and milking machine, vacuum pumping play. Anal sex is a plus, as it ball gags, but not a deal breaker if your not. Must be in the Houston/galveston region of Texas

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My gf's lactating tits

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