milking hucow
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Hucow slaves...

human female cows that are used for milking, breeding & pleasures to their owners...

this group is for all the farmers that have human [filtered word] such as Hucows, pigs & sluts...
These hucows will be forced milked 7 to 9 times daily until the milk comes in & will have cowtail plugs, ear tags so each pig and cow will have a number, a cowbell & possibly hoofs and all three holes will be filled constantly with either dildos, objects, toys or cock...
They will have their own stall in the barn, will be restrained to the sides of their stall and will be force fed daily.

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20/male/master seeks 18+/female/slave in any location for Hucow training and transformation (serious replies only)

This is an ad I made in Not the greatest place to go looking for a hucow, so I came here.

I have an ad on here, but I think it is high time I made a more detailed one.

**Attention-No [filtered word] and No [filtered word] Substances will be used on any slaves**


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Holland milking

Nederland is het land van de koe...
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Needys nipple play

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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i am submissive woman .2 things i crave

i meet a Master with a dog. he is willing to have a dog fuck me. He wants men there watching,
my wish is to be gangbanged by these men
he wants to film it and put in on the internet. He also has a milking machine. He plans to
attached my big fat tits to and wants to see how much milk i can give him. i know if i dont please him,
i will be punished. i look forward to becomming a dog slut and a hucow

i am going to be hog-tied,,,blindfolded,,,gagged and then photographed. i feel most free when i am
tied down and made to serve others.

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I want to be your milk cow

Hello I'm new here for long time i had a dream that i want be come hucow and be milked by milked machine I want be my big and long dark nipples will conect to milked machine I looking for a farmer or people have the same dream.I was dreaming life in the farm where is alot milked woman by milked machine it is my dream ..
I dream be like this girl ..

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Fantasy - a choice

A hucow on her four fixed on the table for more convenient access. He kneeled legs are spreaded and open a good view to her flowing cunt and ass.
A big vibrating bauble plugs her slit. It’s fixed with rope, so she can’t spit it out with contracting vaginal muscles on comes. Another vibrating toy is fixed to her clit. Her owner says that milk of coming hucows is more delicious. So she is forced to come already twenty minutes, since an enema’s procedure started.

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Born as a hucow

I think I’ve born as a hucow. I started lactation in a half a year after be fucking by my future husband without any pregnancy, medicine and special stimulation. I was 20 years old, but my little breast (that time it was only A cup) had milk. Not a lot of, but he could get jets of milk squeezing nipples. We were surprised, and a little bit afraid. We took me to the doctor, she said I had problems with my hormones and started to treat me. In two month my lactation was stopped.

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