milking hucow
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Looking for slave for miliking my personal Hucow!

I want mmy milk fresh from your udders! Be my sexy hucow. I am in search for a devoted slave I am romantic and very highly sexual a nd yes you will be used for sex and milk. it's okay if you are not lactating. I will have you with milk in no time with my training. the nipple orgasm you will experience forced and given permission for or just denied.. wink

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what I'm here for

Hello everyone.

I'm looking for chat partners who share what i'm into

I'm not the least bit interested in being 'trained' I have a real world relationship for that. I'm looking for people who can titillate my brain cells

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About Mammacow


I'm Mammacow. found this site while perusing the internet and thought I'd give it a shot here.

I'm a fat cow with proven fertility IRL. but the real world isn't why I'm here at all. I'm looking for folks into the same thing as I am.

I want to be your overfed pregnant pet cow, or maybe just one of many of your herd. I love the ideas of mad science and any ideas that would end in me having a large tight belly.

anything involving my 'daughters' real or imaginary is of _-NO INTEREST-_ to me. swimming in the gene puddle is not my kink and is a direct turn off.

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Hucow slaves...

human female cows that are used for milking, breeding & pleasures to their owners...

this group is for all the farmers that have human [filtered word] such as Hucows, pigs & sluts...
These hucows will be forced milked 7 to 9 times daily until the milk comes in & will have cowtail plugs, ear tags so each pig and cow will have a number, a cowbell & possibly hoofs and all three holes will be filled constantly with either dildos, objects, toys or cock...
They will have their own stall in the barn, will be restrained to the sides of their stall and will be force fed daily.

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20/male/master seeks 18+/female/slave in any location for Hucow training and transformation (serious replies only)

This is an ad I made in Not the greatest place to go looking for a hucow, so I came here.

I have an ad on here, but I think it is high time I made a more detailed one.

**Attention-No [filtered word] and No [filtered word] Substances will be used on any slaves**


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Holland milking

Nederland is het land van de koe...
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Needys nipple play

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