mind control
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looking for females

Master looking for submissive girls to mind control/[filtered word]tize into my slaves

Kik me dirtymaster3

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looking for submissive girls

Looking for females that are into being slaves and obeying their master doing as commanded obeying me being very submissive

Snapchat or kik me at dirtymaster3

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Hipnotisim and the slave mind

OK in the previous edition I talked about various training methods and ways to focus a slaves mind, In this edition I am going to focus on unlocking the slaves mind and using this to help you program them, Note: you can't program some one to be something that they don't desire to be, the mind dose not work this way, and if you tried you can cause all sorts of neurosis and mental conditions, so unless you want your slave to become a crazy sub, you should stick with using what is already there.

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Training and hyp nosi s (seems that the server filters this word)

Well I started this blog to discus training and Hipno usage, they filter the word hyp nosis so I will refer to it as hipno. I am going to start talking about the use of this in training and how to tell if the slave is receptive to such things. For the moment I wanted to get this started. while it is common knowledge that a large percentage if the population is receptive to hipnotic suggestions not all are well its actually its not that hard and lucky for Dom's and Masters most sub/slaves are.
The best subjects are the ones who naturally want to follow orders and are easily distracted,

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emotional , mental torture and control

I have a potential slave who wants her mind owned and emotions to be owned and controlled by me. What techniques are their to make some one think about you constantly and obsess? IM looking for some in depth info on bdsm "mind control" , and also how to get some one to associate certain thoughts or moods with you.

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Bdsm and mind control the power of sexual experince

I have worked with [filtered word]sis on a few subjects in the past and have wanted to integrate this in the my BDSM lifestyle I feel that using it could cause the subject to become more sensitive to the entire experience and gain even grater heights of extacy, through measured steps you can use this for training as well.

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Hide & Seek - chapter 2

For RT !!

You rest against me for just a few minutes, long enough for me to start to catch my breath.. my need to climax eases back from that agonizing knife edge but by no means disappears. Long before i feel ready, You are unhooking my hands and pulling me to my feet to stand on trembling legs, wincing at the plug stretching me as i move...blushing crimson as i realize i am drooling seriously...not being able to see.

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OnLine Slave Sought for R/T Permanent Use.

This Master seeks submissive females who want to be owned as a slave for extreme online direction, use, abuse, degradation, humiliation and sexual objectivcation.
This is for a particular style of relationship: Long distance real time active ownership of accepted female slaves. The women sought want to be treated as objects, slaves and with no physical contact with their owner but to wait, receive directions to be followed and completed as directed and report back to their Master their results.

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