ninjo2's picture

neglecting pee task II

Neglecting here weekly pee task. Afther cleaning toilet her cunt was closed and taken for 7 hours out of order!

silverfox5510's picture

Reliable,Trustworthy, Dominate Masters & Mistresses

Experienced Mature Strict Dominant Master In Toronto Canada. Inviting other Interested Masters Mistresses (Obedient Submissive slaves). All are Invited to submit All Relevent Information Prices To rent for Two Three week duration and or Own outright able to stay in Canada. details direct to:

slave Vika's picture

This is my first needle

krocky's picture

Looking to own a permanent serious obedient masochistic female painshitslut toilet slave.

Hi I am Master Peter White. I am looking for one ideal female slave to match my requirements.

I am in search of a dirty filthy masochistic female painshitslut toilet slave.

The following are the requirements:

1. You must be online 24x7 for me.
2. You must permanently owned to me.
3. Live pictures of both face and body are must. Making videos of suitable tasks are a must.
4. You must be slim having flexible body and must be healthy .

SwiFtPrvrt's picture

Master seeks slave in Phoenix area

Searching for a slave in my area. Women only.

I am a Master in the lifestyle now for about 7 years now. I am seeking a female slave for potential long term ownership. I can be extremely sadistic, so frail women turn away. Experience is not very important, however your desire to become a proper slave is. I'm keeping this as "straight to the point" as possible. If you have any interest, I look forward to hearing from you.

jasonbrozak's picture

24 year old dominant master seeking a submissive/slave female of any age

about me:

-24 years old American Irish guy
-have online and offline 6 years experience in domination

what i am looking for:

-I am looking for online slave girl now
(if you are looking for online master, Came to the right place)

-I respect your limits (with face limit)
( I know many online slave & sub don't want to show her face)

-I hope you have a camera with kik, so we can contact easily

-you can be picture slave,cam slave or daily control slave(like underwear control)
it's up to you

-kik: JasonbrozaK

mastermykl69's picture

MASTER seeking slave

In search of the ultimate slave, either trained or very willing to learn. I search for a 24/7/365(366) property that will devote her existence to my pleasures and that will be granted the pleasures I deem appropriate. Pleasures are a privilege a slave should aspire to be granted by her MASTER. I would consider a married pair of slaves as well, if we match properly. More to come
get down and know your place!!

krocky's picture

Looking to own a toilet slave / a painshitslut / Worlds most dirty filthy slaveslut.

1. I am looking for a dirtiest filthiest female masochist slave ever.
2. She will be treated as worthless piece of shit and pain torture and humiliation will be her world.
3. Live pictures of body and face are must.
4. Only serious girls who are willing to perform are welcome.
5. Good shy girls please stay away.
6. Tasks will include spanking slapping nipple torture face treatment ass treatment cunt treatment and more. 7. It may go more rough. I may ask you to soak your face Inside toilet stool.
8. Tasks might get very serious and you would suffer

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