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old breast skewering vid -3

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extreme couple wanted

We are a couple based in west Sydney Australia. I am domm 55 she is slave 53. Over the years I have tit trained many women, from being comfortable topless in public places to extreme play, nailing skewering etc. my wife has endured many scenarios from me and others. She has decided.. ( A sub deciding? ) but she is my wife and respect still applies...... why I haven't suffered any discomfort... What we seek now is a couple of extreme playing proportions. the male must be shaved smooth and uncut.... she must also be smooth....preferably petite....

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NJ Master Seeking big Breasted Female nonsmoking Slave

Actively seeking a Bergen, co., NJ, submissive, non smoking women, play pal, or some one to meet, an on line submissive to mentor or teach I am a romantic and caring man and i would like to meet a women, submissive to play online with some one whose interested in what I love b&d s&m I love breasts tortures, breast bondage and other types bondage, someone who lives in Bergen, Passaic, Essex Cos., someone I who like to be trained, a submissive a women who like to do tasks for me, and talk about their experiences, what they like, and what they dislike , a submissive I would do a painting of

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91 in each

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right tit

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My new sub

She is finding out how her tits can be used by me for my pleasure.

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1..2..poking through

Took this to show the needle at work.. These are 10 gauge rings that My lucky slave is getting.

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Slave marking

My master and I have been discussing the possibility of him being able to cut his initials on to me as a way of branding or marking me as his, I am just wondering if anyone on here has tried this or has any advice on how to do this safely, I love and respect my master dearly and would gladly where his mark I am just wanting to know more about this kind of marking.

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Seeking a slave in South East Asia

Seeking a pain slave in South East Aisa. Would be a full live in long term situation. I can accomodate and willing to move fast
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