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Are you worthy?

Dom & Domme require a bisexual female masochistic slave. Fully fitted dungeon in my attic, age etc no problems its the attitude that counts.

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An idea for keeping a slave

I've been having some fun going through different slave holding techniques and I have the perfect way (I think anyway), I want to get a twin sized bed and make sure it's raised and place some sort of material around the under where slave can't be heard and can't be seen, but can hear and see, (this room will have it so it can barely even sit up) I would then make a trap door under lined with needle and maybe some barbed wire and keep a little doggy bowl with food and water and some facilities in a smaller room, so when slave must use the restroom or even just eat she had to go through needles

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Married UK Dom looking for female slave

I am a married Dom who lives in Suffolk, UK. I am seeking a female sub/slave, preferably in real time but would consider an online slave if she has a webcam and a camera to document tasks that I set her. My wife is aware of my search and also will be aware of what goes on and may join in if you are happy for her to do so. I am into spanking, bondage, orgasm control and denial, amongst other things, see profile for more of what I am into. I don't mind if you are married or not, as long as you are open about it. Contact me if you are interested or would like more details.

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My kik name

I never do this but I'm bored and feeling experimental.
Since this is a group fill of doms, I was hoping we could all group chat on kik and you can all have me do whatever it is you want. I want to try new things, I have no limits.
I will talk to doms seperately but I think it would fun if you all get together and come up with things for me to do Wink
My name is painshychi
Add me Smile

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please hello i use the name kelly

i am over weight. i weigh 200 lbs and stand at 5 7 .. it needs to go back to having sex and use and stop eating so much..........

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Hucow - Looking for advice on breast modification, or someone to help in real life.

I am becoming very interested in lactating and transforming my tits into the perfect udders. I am a masochist, so I prefer this transformation to be as painful as possible. Brutal abuse of my holes would be appreciated as well.

Since I haven't found someone to help me with this in real life, I'd like ideas and tasks that I can perform myself. Any ideas/knowledge welcomed. If you're near me and have experience in this and would like to help, even better!

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Ich möchte dich zähmen... benutzten... liegen lassen... und wieder aufheben.

Betreffe: Ich möchte dich zähmen... benutzten... liegen lassen... und wieder aufheben.

Hallo ich bin der Jürgen aus Hessen. ich bin ein Sadist aus leidenschaft.
ich liebe es einfach die Körperchemie des Sub zu beeinflussen sie mit langsamen gezielen schlägen ect dazu zu bringen das ihre Körperchemie lusthormone freisetzt und Sie bei der zufügung von Schmerzen immer heißer und geiler wird bis ich Sie zum Orgasmus gerbracht habe.

Einfach darauf los Schlagen das kann jeder. Aber Die Sub langsam aber sicher zum Orgasmus duch Schläge ,BEstrafung, ect zu bringen das können nur wenige.

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skype and video slaves wanted asap

hi girls masterjames here i am looking for committed un owned slaves who are looking to be used humiliated tortured and played with.... you must have a camera working and/or laptop/computer working to be my slave..... if you have that then great ether give me a message and get through to me that way or add my skype sissyslave17
and in the request to add box i would like to see
where your from:
times available:
why your wanting to comitt to me:

speak soons

master james

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