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Well I got a month and a half left with my trainer and I'm looking for a master that has years on him. I'm not looking for no 19 year old threw 25 year old who think they know about it all but dont. I'm the type of slut that was put on this earth to be humiliated in pain to obey master and be a cum dump and a thing his heart wants even a human toilet. I have kik back it is xsexslavex45

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My Perfect Slave

My Perfect Slave Whore would be 5' 7" blonde hair blue eyes have a little attitude big tits and a cunt I would work on expanding along with expanding her ass be a cum dump in her mouth fisting both ends have no limits be ready to have orgasm at anytime I tell her immediately there is alot more just not very good with writing so ending it here if you meet this or are close like besides eye/hair color on me

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master looking for slaves

Minnesota Master looking for slaves, to dedicate their life to serving him

Searching for a slave or slaves in Minnesota or close surrounding states, must be ready to submit everything, & dedicated her/their life/lives to serving me, must be ready to do everything her master tells her.

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The perfect slave: dehumanized and shaped to an object

If there's any female slave, that share my description of a perfect slave... ...I'd like you to know better!! Apply now!!
Otherwise I'm interested in your opinions and ideas to the subject.
It makes me happy and so proud, to own such an object. The perfect slave is in my opinion absolutely quiet, without own thoughts, wishes or an ego. So I can brainwash the object and create something new.
Whatever I want. That's what every Master has to do sometimes. It's freedom. It's power. It feels great.
Now keep posting.

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Requesting a blackmail slave

This will be consensual blackmail but you will be called upon at anytime to complete any task I see fit , you will become my toy to play with, tasks will test you but you are mine to have fun with

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Seeking a blackmail slave/sub

Looking for a willing slave/sub capable of blackmail submission, if you are willing to be humiliated and used for fun then you might be the right one to play

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Herrsucht devot/maso -Frau für online-Erziehung und gelegentliche Treffen

Herr sucht eine devot masochistische Sklavin für Online-Erziehung und gelegentliche reale Treffen.

ICH werde dich hauptsächlich online erziehen.
ICH werde dich von Zeit zu Zeit besuchen.
ICH werde dir bei meinen Besuchen Schmerzen zufügen.

Sauberkeit ist gegeben und wird erwartet.
Diskretion ist Ehrensache.

Ich sehe jede Sklavin als Herausforderung, da jeder Mensch ein Individuum ist.

Meine Fetische sind:

- High Heels
- Leder
- Lingerie
- nackte natürliche Brüste

Meine Vorlieben sind:
- BlowJob
- Brennnesseln
- Brust-/Brustwarzen Folter

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