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single sub needing some ideas to keep busy as much as possible

Ass pussy and nipples available for others pleasure

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Pregnant Nipples

Anyone got any ideas what I can do with my nipples?!
Im not quite at the lactating stage.
Can send pics of your/my work.
So lets have some ideas

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My journal

So the last couple days Master has had me binded. Even outside of the home. On skype one night he had another person on there and I had clips on my cunt with a weight, it wasn't all that bad till I had to wear it the next day. I could constantly feel it swinging and I had to keep it invisible. A couple nights after I did another show for another Master and my Master had me sleep binded in hogtie that night, also I had to hold in my orgasm till the very next night.

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Women looking for Hucow and nipple pumping

Yearn to be milked and pumped? Women in NY state especially welcome. Tell me your desires.

Dedicated to developing larger nipples that give milk or yearn to be nursed. Women submit to the milking and lets begin the journey to making you a milking hucow.

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Trained Slut

Warming up with some weight lifting.

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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soumise sandy cire de bougie - submissive sandy candle wax

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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fun at the office

having fun at the office

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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kitten cream

i have been pumping my udders knowing it will take a while to re-lactate. i have lactated before after pregnancy. i become quite aroused when the machine pumps my udders, the strong suction feels so good.

i imagine being tied in a barn stall, on all fours in hay. A huge butt plug with a cow tail sticks out of my ass and a feed bag is strapped on my face with sweet feed in it that i must eat. Farm hands have me in cross-ties and pump me with professional machines. They rub their hard cocks ready to use the cow slut as soon as i am available for use.

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