Nipple piercing
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testing my new staple gun

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First Needle

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Wanted: Clip on heavy nipple rings

Hi, I have seen several pictures of quite heavy looking rings on nipples but the nipples don't appear to be pierced. I think putaperra's girl has a pair like I mean. Any suggestions?

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first piercings

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Now, this is something that's fascinating for me.
On almost any pic that shows off a cunt or nipples there are always the "pierce them" comments and a bunch of others that agree with the idea.
There is never anyone that doesn't think it's a good idea to put big fat rings in labia or nipple. Why is that?

My Master loves to play with needles, because it's something that terrifies me. It's a turn-on that I get scared and a freshly done piercing can be a great source of pain when that's what He wants to give me.
He HATES the idea of permanent piercings on my body.

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Tit Torture - After marks with Swollen, Pierced Nipples

Self Torture - I love tying and working over my tits for my Masters pleasure and enjoyment. I loved the agony of snapping my tits and nipples with rubber bands and it pleased my Master. I also love when Master works on my cow-tits and I am forced to lactate. Not alot mind you, but quantity is getting better with each session.

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A former sub, lounging in her chains

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Pet Slave

Looking for a cute girl from teens to mid 30's to be my obediant pet sex slave. pissing on floor, buttplug tails, piercings a plus

My name is Jon, I'm 23 and i live in NY. my purpose here is to basically find a good looking in shape female to fulfil my need to be dominant. My ideal sex slave is someone who does everything they are told and essentially spend most of their time on all fours with a gag and leash. Piercings are a plus, a like a girl that wears nicely done makeup, any attractive girl will do. kinky slutwear is appreciated, enjoys behaving like a cat, hell even pee like a cat/dog. i want a pet that i could basically treat as such and also fuck whenever.. lol. i like to slap spank choke paddle and tie up.

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Self Abuse

Slut Liz padlocking her tits together and then sucking my cock

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