nipple stretching
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Steps to start lactation

I need help with training to be a hucow. I want this so bad I am financing it, how can I do it on a budget !

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friday Stretches her Nipples

If friday is going to be a proper hucow, she needs larger nipples. One of her on going assignments is to stretch her nipples. The weather was nice today so I sent her naked into the yard to do it. Despite being incredibly painful, she put clover clamps on her nipples and attached them to a rope running over a tree branch. I love the way her nipples are being both crushed and pulled. She stood barefoot on the grass, enjoying the sunshine and feeling the breeze wafting across her bare flesh for nearly half an hour as the hated metal abuser brought tears to her eyes.

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NOW she is ready to stretch her nipples!

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Rady for stretching?

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Putting one clamp on

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slaves seeking owners in Virginia USA

This group is for slaves desiring masters and masters seeking slaves in Virginia

This group is to aid Masters seeking slaves and slaves seeking Masters. The mission is to help find a match for those that participate or desire to participate in breast bondage and women who desire to be milked.

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Homemade pleasure

From toys to these pleasure indeed..

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Udder /nipples weighted

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