nipple suction
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Instantly Wet

When I tie my huge round tits up nice and tight so the skin is taut and my nipples tingle...
When I put the biggest suction cups I have found on my rosy pink nipples and squeeze them, one after the other in rhythm like I'm being milked...
When I put on the darkest red lipstick I can find and slide my lips across each other, imagining the warm musky stiff cock sliding between them...
When I put on fishnet stockings and slide them up over my rump, feeling them caress my skin like a man's hands...

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suction cups to please my Master

My Master Gummelfusseri wanted to inspect me with my equipment and found that this pic of my sluttits with suction cups was very suitable for SF....hope you agree

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Needys nipple play

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udder delight

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Suctioned Nipples

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prep for milkingD

Done regularly creats nice long nipples for milking!

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tit abuse,, nipple play,,suction,,milking,,boob,,

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The night before last I slept with the dick just in me, not tied or anything, but it still poked my innards, creating a bit of pain every time I rolled over, moved, breathed. It was lovely. Yesterday, I wore the cock shaped butt plug in my cunt all day.

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