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looking for submissive girls

Looking for females that are into being slaves and obeying their master doing as commanded obeying me being very submissive

Snapchat or kik me at dirtymaster3

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What is Gor

Gor,” he said, “is the name of this world. In all the languages of this planet, the word means Home Stone.” He paused, noting my lack of comprehension. “Home Stone,” he repeated. “Simply that.”
~ Tarnsman of Gor, 2:26 ~

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Gorean thoughts

To some, Goreans are role players, people who have read one too many fantasy books and find it hard to distinguish reality from imagination. To others, Goreans are simply escaping from the mundane, from their boring lives into a world where they can be powerful warriors or desirable slave girls.

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Do and Dont's of slavery


Do Not Be Insubordinate

"Insubordination, slaves are quickly taught, is not acceptable, in any way, to the Gorean Master."
Page 123 - Kajira of Gor

"Insubordination in any form, of any sort, in even the tiniest, least significant degree, is not accepted from slave girls by their Gorean Masters."
Players of Gor, Page 227

Do Not Try to Manipulate

"Did you strike me because I challenged your manhood?" she asked." You were not struck for such an absurd reason," I said. "You were struck, rather, because you were attempting to manipulate me."

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un owned in California

i am, as many before and endless more after, a sub searching for the ever elusive 'One', wanting to wrap herself in bondage of mind and body, begging to serve a Master who will fully know and understand...blah, blah.... i am at the point where i realize all that happily ever after crap is just me mind-fucking myself, and that is exactly what i don't want. i have had Masters, and have memorized the definitions, and researched the pro-to-cal.

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needs more ?

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task at hand

master has me take pixs of myself with just my underwear on and then my clothes that i am wearing each day he has been asking me to take my bra off the last few days while i am riding the bus it is so hot for me and to day he had me change my under wear on the bus from the red under wear i had on to a g string in my bag the buses are always full during the times i have to ride them so it is really hot i just take them off and put the new ones on or just take off my bra the one time there wasnt many people on the bus driver saw me take my bra off now that made me so wet it has also been cold up

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Body harness

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tight slave

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