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looking for online submissives

daddy dom looking for slaves

You will perform all tasks given and give prove it has been done

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A little bit about myself

I was put on this earth to be a slave. I am here to be fucked. I am a human cum dump. I take loads upon loads of cum having no worries about getting bred nothing from a master. I am here to be human artwork if master wants. I will do what ever it takes to please master doesnt matter how bad it is. I am here as a human toilet to eat shit and drink piss. To make sure every spot on master is clean. I am here to be fucked till master is please. My cum dump hole needs to be filled with cum needs to be streatched to the max to where master wants it. Pierced marked punched, fisted and everything.

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use me and abuse me

I just got out if a vanilla relationship have not done any bdsm in a very long time willing to do tasks from total bathroomr control enemas to just about anything look forwad to hearing from u

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Looking for a daddy dom...

I'm 19 and looking for a daddy dom to start online at first and then see where it goes. I'm completely new to all this and have never before been in a bdsm/daddy relationship but it's something I really want to try. I love the idea of being someone's little girl to play with. As I'm new to this I'd need teaching and training up which sounds exciting to me. I'm average looking body and facially wise. I'd be open to the idea of a daddy and a mistress as that kind of turns me on too...

I'm really bad at writing these so if you're interested just let me know <3

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just here in searching of a serious man

Pretty new on this web site but not new at all on the scene.

I am a single, three-holed whore who delights in fulfilling men's  deepest, darkest desires whenever possible.

I am always honest, extremely open minded and naughty.

Mainly I seek a Domme who won't mind using me, humiliating me and degrading me. i also enjoy light pain, i'm not a pain slut but do enjoy being
spanked, flogged, having my hair pulled etc. i am very open in what i will do for a Domme. There have been limited things that i will not do, try me, i really enjoy being "slutty".

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need one now will relocated. Been bad girl.

yes i am a young 19 year old 5 foot 5 200 pound slave looking for a master that can help me full fill my biggest dreams. Yes i am pregnant at the moment and have been milking for 3 months now. And if you want me as a hucow i have the calf in me already and i am here to be breed as many times as wanted. I have never ever taken any birth control so i can be breed quick. I love enemas i love the pain and suffering i have to be put threw with them. I love having my ass wide open and having things shoved in all my holes. I really need a master very soon.

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Male master looking for long term female slave

I. Who am I?
I'm 25 years old dominant male from Sofia, Bulgaria. I'm funny and compassionate person with huge sense of humour and taste of good things in life. I'm a little bit nerdy and a little bit geeky. I like sci-fi and fantasy stuff like books, movies, tv series and games. I love going to parties and concerts and I mostly listen to metal/rock and trance. I also like going camping or anywhere in the nature - forests, mountains, sea shore. I like people who are honest and I'm trying to be such with people I care about. I'm also sometimes very romantic.

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Seeking for a Dom For Long Term s/d Relationship

I am naughty American submissive woman who is out of States for sometime and ready to relocate back well more about me. am a sweet skinny curvy submissive Daddy's girl type looking for my Daddy/Master/Owner/Lover all in one. Not here to play phone sex, cyber games or unserious Master. Only looking for something REAL.
I am for real...and seek Real Not Cyber...

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female slave for matured master

seeking a matured master

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