I am a Dominant SWM 42,100% Italian,and am 5'10 195lbs with thick dark hair and eyes and am very attractive and well built.
I am educated,sane and work as a professional.
I am single with NO [filtered word].
I own a nice 4 bedroom home on 2 acres in NJ! I live close to the beach and am also close to New York City.
I am seeking a Submissive SWF 18+ to live with me and to train and teach to serve and please me totally.
You will start off working as a dancer,even part/time and later work as a nude model as well.
So,you must be slim and attractive.

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Real or virtual

For some reason I cant find a master. I cant travel but I want someone to Hucow train me. I cant do 24/7 because of college but yet most people here are either looking for a sex toy or a online commitment which I can do neither. Big tits play in as well. Im average the point of Hucow is to watch her boobs grow and obtain milk im a 34D but it takes the fun out if her boobs are already big naturally. What men fail to realize is that her bra size grows 2 cup sizes just from lactating 2 months. And the more you milk her the bigger they get ! So why the long faces.

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Adventures in Whoring - Worthless Whores

Adventures in Whoring – Worthless Whores

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I Often Wonder....

So me being me, and bored silly...I was walking back down the hall from a demented female patient's room for the 20th time last night and it struck me... "How will I act when I'm old and unable to care for myself?"

Then it hit me. I am going to be that little crazy lady who constantly screams,"DADDY please hurt me, it feels so good, Thank you Daddy my spanking!" and everything that goes along with DDLG... My poor little family...they are gonna have their hands full when I get old!!! Wink

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chapter #3 " Glazed Eyes"

much To Our Surprise , he couldnt Understand.... why did She Need him All hard To do The fitting ?

So he Asked " what was The idea of getting him All worked Up!!!"

She looked At him Smiled J went About her business....

well This really confused him ...

"well, Looks Like I will have to custom fit you for Sure "

So , she grabs his balls & Tugs On Them ...

"Ahhh, ohhh ooo" he says without knowing Smile

"now This is A Custom job So , At The End you will get A much needed reward :)"
She grabs And pulls him To The rack !!!

he jumps To his Tip-Toes j follows.....

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Knowing what you want

It's hard to understand what one wants when your caught up in trying to get simulated and cum.

Over the last few months I knew I was drawn to the dynamics of the scene and looking to be bound, be humiliated, be spanked, etcetera from watching BDSM porn. The strong command of the Master and the whimpering compliance of the slave. What makes me cum the most is when the Master pushed the slave just pay her limits and the dynamic exchange of power.

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rambling of lessons learned and adventure.

Many years ago, I had a happy slave. Was dating her 8 months when we went on a week long trip. The idea was to spend it as a couple and d/s couple. we went with the idea of trying the 24/7. Actually doing sexual activity 24/7. Your scratching your head, and it will be explained in a little bit. We went to a quaint college town. The idea was to have stuff to do but at the same time concentrate on us with not many distractions of sight seeing. Plenty to do as a couple and plenty of time to be a d/s couple.

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I wish I could personalize my profile page just a bit more... nothing like yucky facebook or myspace, but maybe some music and a private photo vault that I can choose to share with selected friends for pics showing my face while Daddy plays with me...This is my wish...lol

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