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Where is my new slave fuctoy? Female slave WANTED

I need to be in action again, need to find a slavegirl to train and own. Serious long term only, strict discipline, few limits and a lot of control and discipline for an intelligent slavegirl (I don't want a brainless piece of meat). At the moment the slave position is only for an online slavegirl (but who knows?). AI'm interested in all races, particularly in asian slaves and I'm not into bbw. I'm not sadist but I know how to keep discipline and punish a bad slut that deserve it.

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Younger Master looking for a slave.

Greetings, I am here to find a slave to call my own and care for. I am looking for a 24/7 TPE LTR...no games, no bullsh*t. I am experienced in the lifestyle and have been living it almost every day since 2006. I am currently in Clinton, Iowa and I am planning on moving to Costa Rica at some point before the end of the year, so if you decide to become my slave, you may or may not be joining me (no, I am not trying to use that to my advantage, just saying that it will happen and for you to be prepared).

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baby girl looking for an online daddy

Hi I'm Shortbus and I am new to this lifestyle so I am searching for a daddy who can teach me how to be a good baby girl....

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Want a blowjob?

Yes, it is actually me!
We're not always as serious and strict about things as one might think and a bit of fun while showing off what a girl needs is always good!

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Hi, I need my Daddi, please?

Hi. I am a Little Kit10 who is very new to this lifestyle and has no Daddi. I am seeking a Daddi to love me and take care of me, play with me and punish me if I am bad, who will be patient with me but mostly to just be a good Daddi to me forever so that I can trust him and be his good Little Slutty Girl. I wanna be Daddi's masterpiece forever. <3 <3

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Hi, I'm looking for my Daddi. Have u seen him?

Hi, my name is JudahKit10. I am a newbie to all of this. I have only had one partial BDSM relationship but it was long distance and didn't end well. I am looking to meet a Daddy Dom that will take care of me and be my Daddi forever. Have u seen him?

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Tips for a trainee oral whore

There are two reasons I write under such a title - one is because Master requested it and two because its something I've such little experience of. Hence why Master requested I do this.

Now I should point out that my Master actually has no complaints with my service in this respect but He is amused by the fact my lack of experience concerns me.

If you've read my profile you will have seen I'm bi-sexual - when it comes to oral my experience has been almost wholly with females.

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Still looking for the perfect slave....online for now.......RL later.......maybe

I have not been fortunate enough to find the right slave. So I will change this up a little. I want a slave that is willing to follow orders and surrender her will completely. Trust is a big factor, so we will work on it. I want a slave for online only, possibly for relocation later, but not likely. You'd have to be great for that to be considered. This will be done through yahoo, kik, or other forms of communication. If this is something you are interested in, then you can contact me at the methods below. All will be considered, but only one will be the chosen. Thank you.

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Oral Slave

Sucking master's cock

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