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Looking for submissive woman who will be naked slave and pet slave

Hi girls. I am James. I am looking to have a good submissisve naked slave in my house. Someone who is willing to be naked 24/7 and walk on all fours. She will dance naked for me everynight and sleep in cage. She will drink my cum and pee and wear collar. Would prefer if she loves to be shackled and wear nose ring. She will be my lover and devote herself forever. Hope to find someone and we can start discussing further.

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Dominant Man in NJ NYC area looking for a Female Slave (Hucow or whore preferred)

Pleased to make your acquaintance, I am looking for a slave that have a high sex drive and enjoys being used daily. A bit about myself, I will make this sweet and direct. I am sadistic. I enjoy hurting women, and enjoy seeing them get hurt. I enjoy seeing their faces twist in pain, exhaustion, and pleasure. I want lock a girl up in a chaste belt, leaving only a tiny vibrator on low to tease her constantly, leaving pepper powder on her clit and locking it up and see as she cries from the pain and begs for release. But I am also sick.

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New k ik female slave needed

I'm an experienced master and I am looking for a new FEMALE sub to train, control, and dominate. I want to be able to fulfill your desires of a master and work with your limits and likes. 

Your limits can be discussed in kik MasterDom360 and I can work around them if need be .


If you are new to being a slave or want to try it and see how it is I can train you and let you experience the pleasures of being mine. 

failure to complete task/request will result in punishment.

Compliance will inevitably bring reward.

General Requirements:

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Haii I'm Wolfe

I am an 18 year old female pet located in the United States. I have skype and kik: Elaine_Headbang . I am seeking a long term kind, gentle and patient master. Remember, I am your pet Wolfe. Pets are to be cherished and loved.

I do enjoy bondage. Being tied up, handcuffed, gagged but I am not experienced in self-bondage. My current toys include: sex dice, handcuffs, vibrator, anal vibrator, anal lube, and a 7 speed bullet with remote.

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Master searching for a new sub/slave

I am a master in search of the perfect sub/slave to have serve my needs. I will train you for what you need to know.

I will accept any female that is freely willing to submit to me.

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