orgasm control
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looking for someone to tease and abuse pig. play with pig. make pig beg and cry. deny it release. take pleasure in its misfortune. please just come and tease it. it is so wet for You. make me helpless. Already helpless to the pleasure after being [filtered word]tized to always be aroused. becoming in contented to. also have an empty place so would like to be tied to the bed and tease. please just play with it.

kik: pigtoyforuse


[filtered word]sis
orgasam control
being on display
name calling


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20 year old Male Dom seeking female sub.

Pretty much everything you need to know is in the title. Looking for a slave to serve me. PM me if you are one.

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Master 30 looking for online slave via skype

Strict master looking for a new slave , i am a strict but generous and kind master

my likes is

Control , using my slave as a sex toy , punishment , obedience .

as slave you must

have skype and a webcam , clean shaved pussy ( ability to shave it if not already shaved ) , ability to say yes no matter what

my promises

your limits will be respected , your real life wont be harmed , you will be used to my pleasure.

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My diary :)

So I haven't really do t anything yet today, Master hasn't given any orders so I'm lost, I hope Master and I skype tonight, I really want to tell him but I kinda scared, not of his reaction, but just scared of asking iv never asked it before, still don't know how I'm really gonna phrase it. Hopefully that goes well. But I really wanna test myself this time if we skype, I want to test my pain endurance as well as pleasure. I honk that would be super entertaining for Master, that's all I want toe o is keep him entertained, pleased and happy Smile

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My journal

So yesterday master had me start orgasming every hour starting at 2 and to for 10 hours without cumming. I did it and it was hard, very hard, but it pleased master. After that I stayed in hogtie for a hour with a vibe in, and again no cumming, I slept in hogtie but was allowed to remove the vibe. Today I was required to have the vibe in all day and sence I am still awake I currently have it in and can only take it out when I sleep. I'm still awaiting masters permission to cum.

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Ass training

Tonight I skyped with Master . We did my ass training, earlier today I fit the brush handle in my ass. But during Skype Master let me play with my cunt and I got close but he will not let me go over the edge, so I am holding it in til he says I can cum. I also surprised him today by writing whore and cunt, on my boobs, and slut below them, then below that I had worthless dumb slave, and by my pussy I had masters property. Master was pleased which made me happy. I hope I please him tomarrow, that's all I live for is to please Master

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My diary

So tonight Master and I skyped, he is giving me ass training so tonight I was told to get a marker, it was a red sharpie marker so not to big. He then ordered me to fuck my cunt and get it lubed up. After the marker was all lubed up I had to finger my ass, then fuck my cunt again, clean it with my mouth, then fuck again, then finally I was told to put the marker in my ass and fuck. It was tight but Master allowed me to use the lube which I am very thankful for. He also allowed me to have a orgasm at the very end Smile how nice or him, he even made me hold it in till I couldn't take it no more.

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female slave any location need


Join Date: Nov 2013

Location: Australia

Posts: 12

 20/male/master seeks any age/female/slave in any location (chat slave)

20/male/master seeks any age/female/slave in any location (chat slave)

A little bit about me:
I am 21 years old from Australia, I am 6ft 4 and weigh about 90 kg. I have blue eyes and blondish hair. I am very sporty and enjoy most things in life. 

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24-Year-Old Slut Looking For Online Dominant Daddy

Hi there,

I'm looking for a dominant Daddy to control and train my three little holes. This will be an online-only relationship, so I need someone who can be creative and keep me interested.

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