orgasm denial
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Master’s latest addition to my re-education towards being a good hole is to spend at least 30 min a day looking at porn. Yesterday/today it has been well over that.

I also have to go to bed with a dildo in my underwear. Not in my cunt, just so that it will rub up against my clit and make me desperate for his cock.

Oh, and I can’t touch.

I haven’t stopped squirming in hours, desperately trying to get off by grinding my hips into the mattress.

I’d say lessons are going well.

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orgasm denial

orgasm denial and permanent chastity slave needed. are you reading this and know that you are addicted to cumming ? I'm a strick master looking for an online slave message me if interested

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20 year old Male Dom seeking female sub.

Pretty much everything you need to know is in the title. Looking for a slave to serve me. PM me if you are one.

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Daddy doms for lost little girls

Hi! naughty kitty sub here looking for a strict, caring daddy to punish me

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Seeking BBW Slave for Humiliation, Bathroom Use Control, Chastity, and Various Sexual Services

I am a Dominant with 3 years professional experience living in the Columbus, Ohio area. I am looking for a Slavegirl between the age of 21 and 40, preferably BBW or curvy. You must be willing to travel if you're not in the Columbus area, and online-only play is up for discussion if travel is unsuitable. I specialize in orgasm denial/long-term chastity, bathroom use control, humiliation, and S&M, and I'm always open to other fetishes.

Only serious responses will be accepted, if you're not genuinely interested in this position don't bother.

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Exquisite Release

Written by my wife, as part of our contract. Part real, part fantasy.


They were an example of a failed experiment in Dom/sub kink. He wanted it, needed it. She tried to oblige, occasionally, but failed miserably. She just couldn’t let go and embrace it. Relinquishing control scared her so. Even when she played, they both knew it was nothing more than playing.

But they loved each other, so it was enough. She tried to give him what he wanted, he tried to let it be enough. The trying by both of them along with their love held them together.

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Did you know ?

A long time ago I had a relationship with a beautiful woman with a skin like dark chocolate. Her body was slender, yet curvy, firm breasts with dark and sensitive nipples, soft skin and shapely long legs. She had everything, a man could want with one exception: it was not possible to have "normal" sex with her, because her slit had been sewn shut, when she was about 14 years old, and she also had been completely circumcised the way it is done in a certain African country.

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My diary :)

So I haven't really do t anything yet today, Master hasn't given any orders so I'm lost, I hope Master and I skype tonight, I really want to tell him but I kinda scared, not of his reaction, but just scared of asking iv never asked it before, still don't know how I'm really gonna phrase it. Hopefully that goes well. But I really wanna test myself this time if we skype, I want to test my pain endurance as well as pleasure. I honk that would be super entertaining for Master, that's all I want toe o is keep him entertained, pleased and happy Smile

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I am a new master searching for a dedicated online female slave

I am a new master that is currently searching for a dedicated online female slave. Although I would like to begin on kik I think we can progress onto something more. I am aware of limits I am planning to steadily push them. You will follow my rules to the letter which is non negotiable. Being able to provide video and photo proof of your tasks is necessary

If you are interested please contact me on kik Jstom69 and state your name age and submittance to me.

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Another Site

i wanted to start sharing my story on a website with a bit more anonymity. i hope this will work.

as a little bit of background, i am an owned slave, in training with Master for 3.5 years. He has another slave, who is my sister, and allowed to dominate me as well.

currently i've been restricted from orgasm for almost a week, and now no longer even allowed to touch my cunt, in preparation for a date Wednesday. It will certainly be an interesting evening. Usually Master allows me quite a bit of permission in this department, so going without is quite a bit of denial.

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