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Need female for breeding, cum dumpster, creampie, domination

Seeking ovulating slave female in the Vancouver Island (Canada) area for breeding. I can help with travel to the island if necessary.

I'm an experienced dominate white male master, very clean and healthy. I have a very high sperm count, and I produce an excessive amount of cum.

I want a white slave girl who can take my entire load - all without spilling a single drop. Slave must hold it inside for as long as I demand while my sperm impregnate her defenseless womb.

I will treat you like an [filtered word] and breed you using a kitchen funnel. Masked, and 100% anonymous.

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Married Master seeking filthy non vanilla slave piggy

To put it simply i require a nasty filthy unreserved slave to use and abuse. Someone who wont answer back and will bow down to Sirs every desire and whim. I am tired of beating around the bush so its easier to outright state what i require in a slave than waste my time going through 10 potential candidates only for all to be non compliant or compatible

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37 Master Australia seeking Open Minded Non Vanilla Piglet

Well spoken, caring yet firm and twisted minded Dominant seeking a new submissive/slave to mold and use for my every perverted whim. I have much experience in regards to training online submissives and have enjoyed many a journey with liked minded individuals.

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37 Master Australia seeking an open minded piglet to use

About Me
Well educated, dominant male from Australia who after a long period of reflective thought have narrowed down my fetishes and desires and now know what i am looking for from a potential slave to gain fulfillment from the interaction.
In a nutshell i am looking for a piglet who has no shame and whose pure efforts are put into making sure her master is pleased with her behaviour and actions.
My primary interests in relation to fetishes are
- discharge and vaginal grool, fluids and cream
- simulated lactation
- farting and peeing
- speculums and figging

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