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Newbie or experienced slave sought for ownership by intelligent knowledgeable Master.

This will ultimately be a 24/7 live in permanent position.

Any questions you have ask them.


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Thoughts on Brands

Some fellows do not brand their slaves," I said. "That is stupid!" she said. "It is also contrary to the laws of most cities," I said, "and to merchant law as well." "Of course," she said. Gorean, she approved heartily of the branding of slaves. Most female slaves on Gor, indeed, the vast majority, almost all, needless to say, are branded.

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For my Master with Love

My dear Master (aries6),

Make me shiver, make me moan.
Let me know that I am not alone.
You make me feel loved and adored.
With You there is no such thing as being bored.

Give me marks from pleasure.
Honour me with being Your treasure.
Punish me when I have been a bad girl.
Spank me, cane me and watch how I curl.

Tie me to the bed, and fuck me raw.
And still I will be in total awe.
I love You with all I have to give.
You are the Man with whom I live.

I am Yours, with my heart, body, and soul.
You are my Puppeteer and I am Your doll.
Let me moan and make me shiver.

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slave and master relocation services

looking for slaves in or around California willing to relocate but able to handle time alone and take care of themselves.

Uniting masters with slaves able to provide. The idea is for masters such as myself to easily obtain the property we deserve without the hassle of shopping.

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women who want to be owned/slaves

This group is for women who want to be owned/slaves it is a place for them to post ad's and for masters to contact them. no Dom adds.

This is a group for women seeking to be owned slaves to post adds seeking a Master, to learn more about this type of lifestyle, to share there ideas, thoughts, concerns, and experiences in being an owned slave, I will discus training methods, how to be safe when finding a Master and much more, I will share photos, stories, and useful information.

I will also discus training methods, lifestyle choices and the dynamics of such a relationship.

Masters may reply to messages but no posting ad's

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Are you f....... for real???? Refelections

I have been on this site for some weeks now and have enjoyed this universe, enjoyed sharing my pics and video, (most) your comments on them, enjoyed looking at other profiles and their content and of course enjoyed all my new acquaintances in here...(you know who you are Laughing out loud )

But I have to share some reflections/concerns with you...just to find out if I am really the only one worrying here!

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ISO Owner in all ways!


I am ISO a very unique relationship not based on anything but the core relationship of Owner/possession (property).

My definition of the Man;
Possess an independence in thoughts, actions, behavior, and desire.
Does not have the need for approval for what he chooses to do in His life, and the one/s He makes decisions for.
There is no need to keep up with what the community has set for the latest acceptability, whatever that is, if he is involved in the "community" at all.
One that understands and accepts personal accountability as the norm, versus the exception.

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The Lesson of Lust

   Har en god Beltane!

    We were bad pagans this year, we did not go to Beltane worship due to Master’s company commitments. Perhaps that is why the Goddess so frowned on me, this weekend was awful.............

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All-Natural Female Slaves Seeking Experienced Master

A group for female slaves to join and contact me for consideration

This group's purpose is for slavegirls and me to converse, get to know each other, and see whether we might be a good match for what we each seek. Membership is available only to true XX-chromosome girls (not transvestite guys who dress as girls or transgendered MtF non-natural girls).

To all the natural-born girls, please feel free to join and let's see what we can learn about one another.

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OnLine Slave Sought for R/T Permanent Use.

This Master seeks submissive females who want to be owned as a slave for extreme online direction, use, abuse, degradation, humiliation and sexual objectivcation.
This is for a particular style of relationship: Long distance real time active ownership of accepted female slaves. The women sought want to be treated as objects, slaves and with no physical contact with their owner but to wait, receive directions to be followed and completed as directed and report back to their Master their results.

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