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Used for my pleasure, at my leisure.

You will be used for my pleasure, at my leisure,
And during your tenure you will develop this culture.

Online we will enact, through email, cam or chat,
To pleasure me through the tasks given to you.

Stripped naked, exposed, you'll be reviewed to the most,
With your pussy, your ass and your tits always on show.

Theres no rush in what we do, trust takes the time its due,
But submission to me, does have its rewards.

When training begins, solicitousness always wins,
For a fail in a task, means a punishment looms.

Be piggy, or hucow, slave or submissive with limits,

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Amateur L in mousetraps -- and not much else

the mousetraps are fairly gentle as nipple toys go. but we have a few more pictures of them ... L

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8 rings for Master

Master let my know He decided He wanted to pierce my cunt for His enjoyment and chastity. He had me pierced with 10 guage rings and was nice to let me start with half of the required amount. i don't know if im a slow healer or what but these were excruciating the first week. They are starting to feel better now and heal. The smile on Masters face watching slave go to the piercer with a butt plug in and watch her torment me was delightful. Master smiles everytime He sees them.

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Looking for our 3rd person

Couple soon to be moving to Citrus County, Florida. Seeking very specific female sub/slave. Contact me for more info, or read my page.

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Amateur L -- dairy three times a day

thanks for all the nice compliments, will post a few more from this series if you like them

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mousetraps -- bait them with a drop of milk

been a while. we did make it out for some nudes-in-nature in a public park a few weeks ago. pretty crowded, so didn't
manage to get any bdsm shots. (will push some vanilla pictures up to, so you can see them there.) here's another
look at the mousetraps from the winter. lots more where this came from ... L

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Sadist sucht auf Augenhöhe

Feinsinniger versierter Sadist (42/182) – mit Niveau, Verstand und Erfahrung in vielen Extremen – erwählt, erzieht, befehligt eine Sklavin, vorrangig masochistischer Natur.

Sehr gerne gut erzogen, verdorben, Intellekt auf Augenhöhe, bis 40. Zuschriften von Anfängerinnen sind willkommen, wenn sie sich ihrer Neigung absolut bewusst sind.

Diskretion, Respekt, Offenheit und Vertrauen sind fester Bestandteil. Gern auch mehr.

Soziale Bindungen gleich welcher Art werden akzeptiert.


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