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Master seeking a tpe slave girl

I am an experienced owner who is still seeking the right type of submissive/slave female to take on as my own. The ownership of the right female will be done through an online environment with the possible of going in to real life if the right conditions for both parties are meet. The area of ownership that I specialist in, is controlling your life. This can be range from select areas of your life to the majority of it.

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Sadistic Master Seeking An ANAL LOVING FEMALE SLAVE

Hiya! Im Edward, 25 From California. Sadistic Master Seeking An Anal Loving FEMALE Slut. I'm Spanish, I Can Speak Both English And Spanish. I Have Long Curly Hair, Big Brown Eyes, Tanned Skin And An Athletic Body.*

My Kink Life:
I Am An Experienced Dominant, Been In The Lifestyle For 7 Years, Both In Real Life And Online. I Would Consider Myself A Master With Daddy Dom Tendencies (I Do Love Aftercare) I Am A Strong Dominant, Assertive, Strict, Demanding, Commanding, Controlling, Disciplined, Caring, Fun, Visual, Clingy (In A Good Way) & Sadistic. I Love To Guide, Nurture And Mentor.

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Suche Maso-Fickvieh zur Miete

Guten Tag,

da ich aus Zeittechnischen Gründen nicht in der Lage bin eine Sklavin zu halten, möchte ich diese über den Zeitraum von 2 Wochen mieten.
Gibt es solche Angebote?


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Kik female sub/slave training school new enrolling for new semester

Experienceed Master starting new first time girl classes as most first year girls have graduated to to second year. Master looks for the girls that like 24/7 control sexual and non training not just girls that what to get off and go. Full control is best control.

Master needs a girl that is :

Obedient from the start

Willing to submit fully

Let master take control of cloths hair and makeup to have every day

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Experienced Master seeking new online slave girl

Experienced Master seeking new online slave girl. You could be fresh to the lifestyle, I'm willing to train.

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Rabbit hole

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Seeking a Master

I am seeking a Master to punish and degrade me. I have no known limits and I am still learning how to be a proper fat slut.

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Female Slave Training (18-29)

Hello I’m Master Dylan and I’m looking for sluts to train into perfect little fucktoys and slaves. I have trained many slaves and for now I am only looking to train slaves on lol but if u prove ur self u will be relocated for further training. I have experience in humiliation, torture, bondage, nipple and clit torture and etc... You will be gagged, fucked in all your holes and beg me to stop.
Message me on kik at masterdylan83 and let’s begin my little slaves.

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Experienced Master looking for a slave girl. Kik YourMasterNL

I’m a experienced Master, kind of sadistic, but always will respect the limits of my slave.

I love humiliation, degrading, pain, sexual abuse etc.

I’m looking for a girl who wants to be owned and become my (online) slave girl.
If you haven’t any experience, it’s no problem. As long as you’re eager to learn and willing to try a lot.

My kik is YourMasterNL

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