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it wishes to be broken and turned into nothing. it wants to have its will broken and be nothing. please be as sadistic as posible

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female slave looking for a true Master

Looking for a true Master that can handle me where I do like to push buttons at times, and humiliate and degrade me and not be a wannabe Master Smile

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enema training with 6 gal

So the other day I went to the store to get my new 6 gallon enema bag my medical stand to put the bag on and the enema anal plug. Once I got home I made the 6 gallons of hot coffee enema then while that was being made I hooked my ass up to the plug and the bag once it was ready I poured the enema in the bag and put the hose on a slow drip. I could feel it filling my insides while I tried to do chores around the house.

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For my daddy 2

hope Daddy likes his surprise

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Pregnant Nipples

Anyone got any ideas what I can do with my nipples?!
Im not quite at the lactating stage.
Can send pics of your/my work.
So lets have some ideas

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Cropped Again

Dom gets me wet, then crops my cunt and asshole very hard. I must be a masochist. I crave it and when it happens I relish in the experience.

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