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Anal Training

Perfectly described and nicely marked.

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Chained & Hooked!

My analpig, secured for training.

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A little tug on the clamps changes everything

I received permission to post a pic, so I found one that brought back good memories.

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the stretch is on

Daddy's been focusing on my nipples lately. Saturday evening, he used a pant hanger with adjustable clasps to clamp my nipples. He made me bend over the ballet barre in the playroom with my hips on one barre and my arms d[filtered word]d across the other so the hanger dangled from my body at a right angle. He attached several weights and then set them swinging. He took the flogger and went to town on my breasts- both the top and the underside for several minutes. The weights pulling and swinging all the while.

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Daily Tasks

Whilst Master and I have physical sessions He keeps me quite busy with remote sessions and tasks daily. For example I have quite twisted 'exercises' I'm tasked to complete every night.

Such exercises involve squats low over a lit candle; riding a version of a wooden pony with wickedly vicious spiked inserts; touching my toes with an anal plug in place; bound tits pressed against spikes while doing push ups, that kind of thing.

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So maybe a third should be added and Pet Play

For the last couple weeks I have kept Sophie and Kitty in Pet mode for my entertainment, both of them have come along very far, sinse they began but its good to reinforce their understanding. However I have been approached by another submissive girl 24 blonde 5' 4" she was a close friend of Kitty's before she became mine and now she is intrigued to join her friend. I have seen her and she lives up to my physical standards. I do not know yet if I shall name her and begin her training to earn her collar. I will tell you all how it turns out.

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Younger Master looking for a slave.

Greetings, I am here to find a slave to call my own and care for. I am looking for a 24/7 TPE games, no bullsh*t. I am experienced in the lifestyle and have been living it almost every day since 2006. I am currently in Clinton, Iowa and I am planning on moving to Costa Rica at some point before the end of the year, so if you decide to become my slave, you may or may not be joining me (no, I am not trying to use that to my advantage, just saying that it will happen and for you to be prepared).

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First Aid and BDSM

I was recently taking a refresher first aid course for work. While I was taking it I couldn't help but think about the benefits it brings in regards to BDSM. I'm lucky enough that my company pays for my course but the fact is that in a session first aid brings a great deal of peace of mind and increases the safety of everyone involved, (you also learn a few tricks like the tube sling that is actually pretty useful when tying a slaves hands).
I was curious about anyone else’s thoughts and if anyone had or plans to get a first aid course purely for the benefit to their lifestyle.

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crotch Rope..

my Owner wanted me to wear a crotch rope all day long before he took a wooden paddle to it... made sure there was a knot that would sit on the clit rubbing it all day long and making it swollen and my cunt wet before giving me his pain

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Seeking slavegirl in South Asia

Seeking a slavegirl from the wider region looking to serve a strict Master in Dhaka. Initally online with move to real life live in slavery.
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