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She is waiting

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I Often Wonder....

So me being me, and bored silly...I was walking back down the hall from a demented female patient's room for the 20th time last night and it struck me... "How will I act when I'm old and unable to care for myself?"

Then it hit me. I am going to be that little crazy lady who constantly screams,"DADDY please hurt me, it feels so good, Thank you Daddy my spanking!" and everything that goes along with DDLG... My poor little family...they are gonna have their hands full when I get old!!! Wink

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chapter #3 " Glazed Eyes"

much To Our Surprise , he couldnt Understand.... why did She Need him All hard To do The fitting ?

So he Asked " what was The idea of getting him All worked Up!!!"

She looked At him Smiled J went About her business....

well This really confused him ...

"well, Looks Like I will have to custom fit you for Sure "

So , she grabs his balls & Tugs On Them ...

"Ahhh, ohhh ooo" he says without knowing Smile

"now This is A Custom job So , At The End you will get A much needed reward :)"
She grabs And pulls him To The rack !!!

he jumps To his Tip-Toes j follows.....

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cane strokes

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punching bags

My huge udders make excellent punching bags

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how many holes do we have in our body? i think i had quite a few..

this was such a nice feeling....charming, sweet and painful.. looks worse than it was. well, to my opinion.

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pierced tits

surprise 2

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clit hood piercing

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