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Strict Assertive Master Seeking Online Female Slave, Be My Slut

Assertive, Strict Master Seeking An Online Female Slave. I Expect You To Address Me As Sir/Master, I Expect You To Be Obedient, I Expect You To Be Creative. If You're Into Things I Haven't Tried Tell Me I Wanna Fulfill Them For You Maybe Ill Like It Too. KIK ME@Edward8892

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Marks from the aftermath of the Alligator Clamps Pin Boards and Disc

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Pin boards 7 pin discs

My Pain Slave in a lot of pain with Pin Boards top and bottom, and Pin discs on the Nipples.

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Alligator clamp

My Pain slave, with wire tied tight, and alligator Clamps on the nipples

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Udder Streching 2


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maso fuck toy seeking 24/7/365 ownership as bondage object

maso whore seeking sadistic dungeon owner that's one toy short of being fully equipped.

24/7/365 captivity.
permanent inescapable (physical) bondage.
extreme objectification.
full dehumanisation.
total control.
existence as nothing but a dungeon toy.
treated as:
3-holed fuck puppet,
[filtered word] whore,
nothing but a piece of meat to be skewered, spit roasted and hung on meat hooks,
all holes kept permanently filled when not in use.
not a 'her' but an 'it'.
no freedom, no rights, no talking, no clothing, no choices, no decisions, nothing else, ever.

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Ice Ice Baby

I Consider Myself A Strict, Disciplined, Assertive Master. I Apply Those Qualities To My Every Day Life Whether At Work Or In The Bedroom, I Get What I Want. I Act Older Than My Age Indicates, So Don't Let Me Being 22 Fool You I'm A Very Mature Guy. I Have Many Kinks, Read My Profile For Them, If Youre Into Any Of That Report To Me Slaves, Be Ready To Serve Your Master, Once I Have Found Her I Will Be Happy! Contact Me Via Kik Since Im On My Phone 24/7 Lol So KIK ME @Edward8892

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master looking for humiliation slut.

All aged humiliation slaves are to contact me through kik messenger app.
Kik: prior8169

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