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Experienced Master seeks new slave to train and collar

I am looking for a slave that wants TPE, 24/7. My main goal is to eventually use her and others as breeders and milking. So eventually this would require relocation, though not right away of course. I want a slave willing to hand over all control. To do as she is told regardless of the possible consequences such as not hanging out with friends, dating only who she is allowed, that sort of thing. Our communication would be through KIK or texting if you are within the US and Canada. If you are interested contact me here or on kik. The name is benevolentmaster on there.

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caught guy watchin porn

Ive been at a hospital alot dad isin ICU. any ways tonight i walked into the lounge and saw a guy watchin bondage porn on his laptop. i stood still at first watching over his shoulder, he didnt notice me. i walked closer and he turned and saw me and closed his laptop fast andgot up. as he hurried to thedoor i told him he has good taste hehe

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Cunt on inflatable 3

It was instructed to pull on the fully pumped interior inflatable. During the final inflation the cunt was literally mewling.

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25 yo master seeking female slave

Hello everybody
I'm 25 years old dominant male who is seeking female slave for long term online relationship.
First - who am I? - 25 yo dom from Bulgaria. I have been in bdsm for almost 6 years. I had own slaves online and dominate over subs in real life. I'm now trying to find online slave with serious intentions and for a long term. I really like not to just own the slave but have her as friend for casual talks and chats. I think this is important for building trust between each other. It's good also if slave could be regular and keep schedule or notes for tasks and stuff.

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Happy !@#$%^ birthday to me.

Rotten tooth went crunch, exposed nerve. Birthday this week, dentist appointment NEXT week.
My birthday fantasy involves a huge cake, out of which pops a beautiful naked slave.
She fetches me a drink, kneels before me, offers it up with seductive eyes...
along with some VERY strong pain meds, then crawls off so I can get some sleep.

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Slave seeking online master.


This slut is looking for a new master to serve online. I do not have many limits (see profile). I am looking for someone who can be a "loving" master. We can discuss the details.

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