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Slave seeking her Owner

Hi, I'm a twenty year old female slave who is seeking her Owner. I'm looking for an Owner who will teach and train me and who won't be afraid to use me however or whenever he so chooses. At this point I'm fairly new and I have no prior training just a willingness to please and serve. I am also open to serving for a couple. I would first want to start online or casually in person if location allowed for it, if things worked out I would be willing to consider relocating as well. If any of this sounds grabs your interest you can shoot me a message or contact me on my kik BabyBrooke101

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19 m dom/tist looking for obediant pet

Hello, i am a 19 year old dom and tist. I am looking for a young pet girl willing to be obediant and to worship her master.

I am not a hardcore master, so masochists and hardcore bondage subs may want to look elsewhere.

If you're interested my contact info is:

Skype: l4dfanatic
Picture is mostly red in background

Kik: djtrickym

Due to certain restrictions, i can not elaborate on what i mean by tist, some of you may know, most probably don't. I will explain if we get into contact elsewhere.

Thank you for your time.

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WANTED: BBW/SSBBW Online Sub/Slave/Pet to play with on Kik

I'm just going to keep this simple...As much as I like all submissive slave girls of any size, it turns me on to no end having a bigger woman devoted to being my sub/slave/pet to command, abuse and do my bidding over Kik. I want a submissive woman who can follow my rules to the letter and who enjoys being commanded, tamed, dominated and punished at the mercy of her strict and dirty-minded master

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So sweet

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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Seeking For My Property (Slave)

I am currently accepting applications for a female slave that will become my property and serve master.

- Looking for a dedicated and obedient no limit slave to be a 24/7 pet for masters enjoyment.

Please message me if this peeks your interest.

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His Good Dog

I hear your keys at the door. You called ahead, and told me how you wanted me to be when you got home. I hold my breath as you open the door. I am ready.

I sit exactly where you have instructed me to. Naked, but for a black thong; collar adjusted with the link in the front; and tail attached to the thong; and me sitting down on my knees looking up to you. You walk forward and stroke my face.

"Good girl!"

I don't speak but my happiness is clear. You know I will do whatever you like, and the petgirl/petplay dynamic is very pleasing to you.

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My diary

As promised here is what happened during the session last night with Master. I assumed the usual position head down legs spread standing up and awaited for Master to answer the call. Once he did my excitement levels went up and I wondered what he would do. He had me rotate to the left, then once more so his ass would be in good view, he had me spread the cheeks, as he got his look he had me close them and spank his ass. I did till he ordered me to stop. He he said he wanted me to spank his ass 10 more times...on each cheek, with saying the phrase "1,thank you Master" and so on.

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