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ppierced nipples

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Would like to be pierced

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Doing as I am told - 2

Watching you look at this took away all the pain.
Te adoro.

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Before...Preparation (Part II of III)

Before, Part II

You aren't given long before they pull you up from the bed and take you to the shower. You are set on your knees, the water turned on, blasting you with cold and eliciting a squeal before it slowly turns warmer. Four hands bathe you, rubbing soap all over you, once again teasing your intimate parts and making you want more.

"Did you bring the outfit?" he asks? You nod, your attention now fully turned on what comes next, only the slightest fear cascading through your stomach. "Put it on, then."

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Under the skirt

I like the picture and the position. Very classy slave with long grey skirt and dark blouse.
But below that the bra is quite special (totally open push up) and the attitude is perfekt Devot.
Maybe that under the classy skirt there is also ssomething quite special ?...Yes, ringsweights, i think so !

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Piercing: Hausbesuch vs Studio

Hallo Forenuser.

Ich tausche gerade mit anderen "Beringten" Erfahrungen über das Stechen und Anbringen von Intimpiercings aus.
Ich selbst habe alle meine Piercings selbst gestochen, viele andere hatten "Hausbesuche" von guten Freunden oder Freundinnen, die sich gut auskannten, aber kein eigenes Studio hatten. Nur die wenigsten, die ich kenne, sind in einen Laden gegangen.
Gerade bei Ringen und Stäben an sehr persönlichen Stellen scheint der Gang in ein professionelles Studio die Ausnahme zu sein.

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Pierced, tagged and re-collared

Today I've come home from a long weekend at Masters place.
I arrived at friday night around 9PM with a bag of clothes and things he had asked me to bring as well as some food stuff that I had picked up on my way to him.
The first glance I got of him as he opened the door took my breath away.
He was wearing a three piece Hugo Boss suit, his hair was slick back and the goatee freshly groomed.
Right away I felt under dressed, even though I wore a skirt, stockings, garter and a deep cut tank top under my jacket.

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good slave

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Western Wyoming Eastern Idaho Group

Contact Group For Teton County & Eastern Idaho Masters, Slaves & Submissives

This is for people in sparsely populated areas as mine, who would like to contact others in the immediate area who are in the Master/Slave/Submissive lifestyle

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Pegged cunt

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