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Online Master looking for Slave and or fuckpig. Listen. If you are into being humiliated, used and trained, message me.

I’m a dom looking for a female slave. One that is into humiliation and degradation and is willing to become my property (online and irl) i’m from Europe so timezones might be different.
What i’m offering is :

I’ll train you, degrade you like the filthy little cockwhore you are, get you off and control your life (to a certain extent).

In return you must be willing and loyal. With only one goal in mind: using your body to serve me and get me off in whatever way.

If you are interested but have questions, message me on here.

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looking for someone to tease and abuse pig. play with pig. make pig beg and cry. deny it release. take pleasure in its misfortune. please just come and tease it. it is so wet for You. make me helpless. Already helpless to the pleasure after being [filtered word]tized to always be aroused. becoming in contented to. also have an empty place so would like to be tied to the bed and tease. please just play with it.

kik: pigtoyforuse


[filtered word]sis
orgasam control
being on display
name calling


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Oink Oink goes the slut pig

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[filtered word] pig

Pig is looking for someone to [filtered word]tize her threw text online so that she feels like she is in mental bondage so she cant move and is really horny.
anyone interested?
kik: pigtoyforuse

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Am I wrong?

I would like the opinion of others here on slavefarm, both dominant and submissive. If a dom asks a sub if she has a kik, and she says "lmao bye", is the dom wrong to reply saying that the sub needs to learn some manners?

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Busy Weekend

The Guys are not normally all around at same time. This weekend they were. I feel truly complete when I have all five inside me at once.

It was an exhausting weekend but rewarding. My ass got so well fucked that my tail was having trouble staying in by Sunday. They went out to the pub Sunday evening. I had chores to get on with.

I didn't realize they'd changed my bio info until messages started coming.

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Fat, disgusting, shit eating pig looking for a master

I am a fat, disgusting pig. 5' 2" and 250 lbs. I need someone to humiliate me and treat me like a worthless piece of garbage. I want to be forced to lick my Master's asshole, and then have him take a dump in my mouth my no warning. I want to have my cunt and asshole so abused and stretched that I'll never be good to anyone else. In fact, I want my asshole to be so stretched out that it becomes difficult to hold my bowels. Not that it matters- disgusting pigs like me shouldn't be allowed on a toilet. I should be forced to relieve myself outside, if I'm lucky, or in my panties.

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WANTED: BBW/SSBBW Online Sub/Slave/Pet to play with on Kik

I'm just going to keep this simple...As much as I like all submissive slave girls of any size, it turns me on to no end having a bigger woman devoted to being my sub/slave/pet to command, abuse and do my bidding over Kik. I want a submissive woman who can follow my rules to the letter and who enjoys being commanded, tamed, dominated and punished at the mercy of her strict and dirty-minded master

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