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What is your favorite

Your options are as vast as your imagination. If you could choose only one, would it be a pet, livestock, or wild [filtered word]? What is your [filtered word] of choice?

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Suche Ponyirl zum Erziehen

Hallo Samy

ich biete mich als Zuchtmeister an, ich mag die Vorstellungein Ponygirl zu besitzen und zu züchten

Whatsap oder skype ?
Antworte mir bald

Züchter Largo

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[filtered word] Role Play

Exploring animal role play, pet play and training women to be animal like slaves.

An open group for the discussion of [filtered word] role play, pet play and pretty much anything to do with the training of women to be [filtered word] like slaves.

****** This group is about Human on Human interaction NOT Human on [filtered word]. ******

"Looking for" posts welcome. Please post introductions that include your role, interests and location.

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All harnessed

All ready to play

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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Candy the Pony Girl

For RT my Wonderful Master
Candy woke up to find herself naked and face down in a pile of hay. She rolled onto her back, wincing in pain as her arms became trapped beneath her. She struggled to pull her arms free, but realised that her wrists were bound together. She tried to sit up, but her ankles were also bound. Candy tried to call out, but the gag in her mouth drowned out her cry.

She looked around her. It was dark, but Candy could make out a trough in one corner. She was in a stall, in a stable.

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Pony Girl -part 4

Roy gazed down at Tigerpet as she leaned over on all fours and ate the last of her cereal from the bowl, her lovely bare rump high and her full breasts almost grazing the floor. Two weeks ago she had come to the ranch as an untidy bar maid. Now she had been transformed into a lovely well-groomed pony girl. He stroked her tail and then gave it a gentle tug to check that it was secure.

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Pony Girl -part 3

Tigerpet found it easy to relax on her hands and knees. Josh, the stable boy, had a gentle manner and she enjoyed him stroking the warm sponge down her back and ass. She shook herself and tiny droplets of water splashed him. He smiled at her playfulness and continued bathing her.

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Pony Girl -part 2

More for My Master RT !
Now, the last thing she wanted was for her new master to find out what she had been up to, so she had crept in ever so quietly. Fortunately for her the stables, where she slept, were quite a distance from his room. It was large house by anyone's standards, complete with servants' wing. Set on sprawling grounds with lush paddocks and gardens, it was very different from the tiny flat down town she had had shared with the two other girls. It was a lovely place to live.

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Pony Girl -part 1

It hadn't been twenty-four hours since she had become her master's pony girl. Her 'tail' still felt strange and uncomfortable jammed into her tight little ass, but what could she do? He had ordered her not to remove it.

She had answered his advertisement in a local newspaper. It said: "Attractive broadminded female wanted for unusual sex work". No problem, for some time now she had been thinking, why not get paid for something I enjoy so much?

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pony training

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