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Twin Cities Minnesota Dom seeks submissive girl for bondage/bdsm

I may be open to a relationship later on, but since I'm just out of a relationship I'm really just looking for an activity partner right now.

You are welcome to join this group if you meet the following criteria:

- Female
- Between the ages of 18 and 40
- Height/weight proportional (overweight is fine, but not obese/BBW)
- Interested in bondage (I have other fetishes too, but bondage is my primary interest)
- Located in or near the Twin Cities, or willing to travel to the Twin Cities

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(^.^)/) NIce Master Looking for a submissive female as well as a slave.

First of all I would just like to say. "Hello!" seeing as I am new to this website. Even though I may just be 19 beware as I am very experienced and well surprise most of the people whome have talked to me beforehand. With that being said I am looking for a submissive female I could talk to on kik, as well as a slave I can talk to on kik. Do not worry I an a caring and loving master even with the punishing I always make sure to leave my ladies satisfied and make sure their urges have been fulfilled for the time being. If I am to bite or anything you'll get a treat in the end.

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A Simple Introduction

Well after spending a few days exploring this site and the profiles, media and blogs it contains I thought it time I said hello. I am anything but new to kink but it has always been a secretive aspect of my life shared with only the few I chose to allow in. It is quite refreshing to find a community of like minded individuals. I first visited this site in hopes of finding an alternative to the traditional dating method.

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Cage Up 2

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question for slaves

are there any slaves out there that truly live there day to please there master for self fulfillment do you wake up thinking about how to please your master do you day dream of how to please your master do you push your self to be better for your master if your that kinda slave I wanna talk to you.

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I am seeking a slave who is very submissive who loves to suck cock and often. one who will present her self to her master one who enjoys pain intense pain. one who can control her self and her emotions and commit her self to pleasing her master every day and find new ways to improve her self for her master. always eager to please. one who understands by pleasuring her master is pleasure.one who understands master decides every thing. one who needs humiliation. and more.

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tit tied extremely tight

Slave pain cyn, Cute puppy tit tied very tight with Wire bands.

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Looking for some fun on kik subs/slaves

looking for a sub/slave to have some fun over kik i'm into whatever your into except for piss shit and blood
i like tit play/torture, humiliation, toy play, ana, chain play, bdsm, latx etc.. I also train hucows

in you first message of kik include you SF username and where your from and what you like

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