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Sadistic Abusive Master seeking limitless Painshitslut slave

About me:
27 straight Male sadist and nymphomaniac. A super Dom and a very strict Master, but also very kind and caring sometimes. I am here for a long term M/S relationship online and if compatible will turn it to reality. I will make you my maid and would prefer to collar you and chain you.

What I am here for:

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Forced Mouth Fuck

She was bitchy so I showed her the error of her ways. She pleaded for me to not post the video.

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Total dehumanisation for an extreme female european slave by an experienced Belgian Master




Sexual use

Pain pig

What i am looking for is extreme. You are a female slave ( not fat) who is ready to live permanently as an animal. Treated like one. Often hooded, always naked, head shaved. Locked up in my appartment when i am out working, at my feet or on my cock, when i am at home. Permanently wearing metal collar and metal handcuffs.

You will be my puppy, my pig, bitch in heat, nothing more. The lowest of the low.

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Dream a little

Sharing my erotic stories passes time for me. I fantasize all the time or hard, erotic, demanding sex. I dream of nothing but sex, and writing these blogs so helps my sex life. I apologize for I do need glasses and I am writing from my phone so I do have spelling and grammar mistakes.

If you want more tell me give me an idea, tell me what you would do if you were part of my fantasy. Read my blogs tell me your favorite b

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[filtered word]ed

Working the local truck stop is a very easy way for me to make some extra cash. 20 for a hand job 30 blow job and 40 for sex, on a good night I've walked away with 600.00. "Tender tits" was my name and being young and sexy helped, i have learned the ways of the street. I have a couple of regulars too, some pay extra just to see me, or tip me. I get called to this truck, shiny blue truck with team drivers in it. I jumped in and they both have a wad of cash on them. The older guy had 200 in his hand and asked me what all I would do for that?

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18/male/master seeks any age/female/slave in any location

About me:
I am an 18 yo master from Austria

Even when I am only 18 years old I am into this lifestyle since i was 14 and i also had 1 reallife relationship and lots of online slaves, so I am not new to this.

I am 1.94 m high, brown short hair, brown eyes, brought shouldered, pretty mascular. I play lots of Basketball and I also play the guitar.

My likes: Anal, Humaliation, Bondage, tit torture, pet play, orgasm control, spanking and lots more but i dont want to take u too long to read this post.

What am I searching for:

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Second day of employment

I am woke up to the smell of coffee I rub my eyes and feel the collar on my neck and smile? It wasn't a dream. I look over and my boss is on his laptop and naked sitting on the chair in the bedroom. I smile and bite my lip as I stretch my arms. He smiles back and finished typing places his lap top down and I can see he is excited to see me awake. He pulls the sheets off me and tells me I can have breakfast after I have him. He puts his beautiful cock close to my mouth and I am so hungry for it, I devour it.

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Looking for employment

Living in a cheap hotel barely getting by seems to be my way of life. 22 years old dropped out of college, moved far away from home, can barely sc[filtered word] up change to eat, just down on my luck. I laid on my bed reading the classified adds and found sometbing that looked intriguing. Add reads looking for a strong attractive young girl to be a personal masseuse / Assistant. Great pay, and even better benefits. I eagerly emailed the add, asking for an interview.

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Online master seeking

Looking for submissive sluts who want to be owned
looking for a REAL SLAVE GIRL not someone who
is curious or wants to “try”

You must be submissive and do everything i ask
be active and ready to serve me
Be a slut.
You are MY slave remember that, i don’t owe u anything

kik is boolbo67 say ur asl

see you there

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Male Dom seeking a little.

I am looking for a little who is obedient and kind, who will need my attention all day. I can be kind if you obey, but if you don't you will be brutally spanked and forced to do what I say. I am up for anything. Contact me on kik at andrewschills

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