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being myself

i know Master probably wonders why i wanted to join here when i am a happy taken slave. A few reasons for that. Here nobody knows the real me so i can post all my slutty thoughts, pictures, or punishments. i enjoy serving Master and i want to share i don't know if that's right or wrong. The thoughts and writings are mine. The pics will be ones my Master wants to display. Just like my latest punishment i don't know of anywhere else i could post it. Master had warned me more than once. i forget to flush the toilet when i pee because mine leaked so i didn't flush unless it was necessary.

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mousetraps -- bait them with a drop of milk

been a while. we did make it out for some nudes-in-nature in a public park a few weeks ago. pretty crowded, so didn't
manage to get any bdsm shots. (will push some vanilla pictures up to alt.com, so you can see them there.) here's another
look at the mousetraps from the winter. lots more where this came from ... L

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The clothespin x2

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slave U

She was in the mood for an afternoon belt whipping...so was I!!!!!!

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Wet and thoughtful Cumdump

This cumdump must admit that it is very emotional and at times paranoid. This slave at times fears that it is not pleasing Master properly. Sometimes Master humiliates this slave or calls his cunt names. This cunt is deeply wounded and spends time thinking about what was said. Yet sometimes this cunt relishes the names Master calls her. Especially if He is vulgarly telling his cunt to cum on our thick k9 cock toy like the bitch this cunt is.

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The clothespin x4

The clothespin x4
So easy.

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Adventures in Whoring - Worthless Whores

Adventures in Whoring – Worthless Whores

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