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Female Submissive's and slaves in Virginia

I am a new member to the site but Iam not new to being a master. I am looking for slaves in or around Virginia who know their worthlessness or are eager and willing to be trained.

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seeking online slut for no limits, total control slavery

I'm basically seeking a long term online slavegirl to enslave as a fully owned property. I'm seeking a slut ready to accept a total control, everythings will be ruled and controlled, you'll be just like a (I hope valuable) property. Discipline will be strict and training hard but if you're a real slave you'll enjoy it. Very few limits will be accepted, more at beginning, fewer when in training. The slave should be in range 18-42, have all 3 holes available, possibly with a thin body and should be able to be regularly online.

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Aussie master wants to relocate you to his cage

19 year old aussie master wants an obeideint pet to feed and shelter. I have no limits so state yours and they will be respected. Im strict but fair, you'll have a cage, food, and affection

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The rack and whipping

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Erfahrener DOM sucht seine Sklavin

Nachdem ich mich leider letztes Jahr von meiner langjährigen (6 Jahre) 24/7-Sklavin trennen musste, suche ich nun meine neue Sklavin - für reales 24/7! Das bedeutet allerdings nicht, dass ich meine Sklavin den ganzen Tag eingesperrt und angekettet halte - zumindest einem Mini-/Teilzeitjob zur sozialen Absicherung (Gesundheit/Rente) wird die Sklavin bei mir nachgehen!

Wer jetzt noch interessiert ist, darf sich gerne bei mir melden - alle weiteren Fragen beantworte ich dann gerne!

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slave desired

I seek a blank canvas
to bind,strip and whip
fuck it up the arse
tie and torture tits

are you the craving slut
who desires to yield fully
to empty your cup
for darkness completely

blood will not be spilled
marks maybe made
limits respected
all hail De Sade

submissions gift
is wanton lust
no body mind rift
at last at last

if you are between gold coast tenterfield and grafton
we are within reach
larger mature women welcome
non smokers only

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