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Submissive newbie

Brand new to this so i appologize if i sound a novice. I've be toying this idea around in my mind for a long time and finally decided it was time to come out with it. I'm about to enter into a dominate/submissive relationship and i want to be prepared as i can so i decided to find a place where i could get some help. More later

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Looking for a female slave Melbourne Australia age 20-45

Hi I'm Andy,

I'm Looking for a female slave in Melbourne age 20-45. The relationship can be 24/7 or not.
I'm looking to test limits of yours and mine. I'm up for almost anything. I hope that you like hard punishment. Plenty of spanking and punishment and of course for your own pleasure, to make you cum. If you're a slave that wants to be used and abused in the most degrading way please chat me up. I'd piss on you, collar you, cane you and more. I don't really have a limit on what I wouldn't do to you if you were my slave (safety being taken into account of course)

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Why is so difficult to find her?

I'm still seeking her... she's around, I'm sure but she doesn't come to Me...
I'm still waiting but I'm sure I will find her. I want a true sub/slave female, I'll train her very well and very strict, I'll give her a good discipline and let her behave as a proper slave. Age is required in range 20-40, she doesn't need any experience, she just needs to be ready to learn how to be a good slave for this Master. Limits will be concorded and respected. A good leash is awaiting you slave, pm Me if you're ready to wear it.

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Seeking Daddy/Dom/Master

I am looking for a real-time partner to serve as a girlfriend/wife and as a sub/slave.

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South East Sussex Slaves (UK)

Group for slaves/subs in the South East Sussex area

I am looking a slave/sub in the South East Sussex area for either webcam or in person training and conditioning. Please PM me if interested. ElC

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Sucked Clit

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Female sub needed online

Looking for an online sub! Must have kik and Skype! Looking to control and dominate any willing female
Kik me at: BaylorM00

(Moved to correct forum by SF moderator).

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looking for female slave on webcam...

i want to see a female slave on my webcam... i really want a female how are listen the master ....

where are you female slave

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