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The clothespin x4

The clothespin x4
So easy.

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Adventures in Whoring - Worthless Whores

Adventures in Whoring – Worthless Whores

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I Often Wonder....

So me being me, and bored silly...I was walking back down the hall from a demented female patient's room for the 20th time last night and it struck me... "How will I act when I'm old and unable to care for myself?"

Then it hit me. I am going to be that little crazy lady who constantly screams,"DADDY please hurt me, it feels so good, Thank you Daddy my spanking!" and everything that goes along with DDLG... My poor little family...they are gonna have their hands full when I get old!!! Wink

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punching bags

My huge udders make excellent punching bags

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Looking for sub/slave in NW Arkansas area closer to Fayetteville the better.

Looking fof a younger submissive girl to use and abuse. Must have pics to talk to me. Start by KIKing me your pic @ Boognishmang. Laughing out loud ...Single file line ladies you'll all get a turn.

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I wish I could personalize my profile page just a bit more... nothing like yucky facebook or myspace, but maybe some music and a private photo vault that I can choose to share with selected friends for pics showing my face while Daddy plays with me...This is my wish...lol

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just another day....

he said to me 'within 30-40 spanks you'll be crying and asking me to stop. after 300-400 spanks, he told me he had to take a break of a day or 2. next day he sent me a picture of his hand with 2 cracks on it. lol.

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