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Master seeking a serious female online slave

I am looking for an online relationship for the time being and is very serious about it. I do not care if you have the perfect body or if you are fat. I also have a sadistic side so if you are looking for that in a master i can be that as well. If you message me be sure to include a brief summary of your self.

My Interests:

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Master seeking slave to relocate to Columbia, SC for 24 / 7 servitude

I am looking for a female slave or submissive for relocation to Columbia, SC for 24/7 365 live in servitude. Our possibilities can be endless. She will serve as a sister to my present Submissive, who will help her learn to serve the master best. I will accept any ages 18-50.

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slave cunt seeking cruel master

i am a very open-minded, taboo, deviant girl

i have very few hard limits, and love getting fucked like a whore and cummed inside, with the fear of getting pregnant... my pussy gets wet and throbs thinking about being stretched, cum, piss, and more being inside. love rimming, being forced to do things, public sex, following orders, watersports, being a dirty fuck pig.

i'm looking to explore this sexual side of me more.

limits: no [filtered word], no permanent damage, no very [filtered word] things, use common sense...

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rubber clit

kept it on for a hour and half and it hurt so much.

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another enema

Enema master did a marshmallow enema on me before i go to bed i had that done a couple times he would soak 12 minn marshmallows in hot water for 10 mins then he would open my ass and pop one at a time till all 12 or how many he wanted in me were in me.

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