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Daddy and Mommy seeking daughter

Daddy and Mommy looking for a young daughter to join us in 24/7 live in long term relationship TPE for domestic, social and sexual slavery for life. Potential little girls will be trained to be the best little three hole sluts they can be to always take care of her Daddy and Mommy at home and in public. For all intents everyone will think you are our daughter.

Daughter or daughters will sleep in bed with their Daddy and Mommy.

Not looking for young ones that wear diapers. But any other young are fine.

All body sizes and types accepted.

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Kidnapping -Humiliation and forced weight loss

Recently I have gained weight and fantasize about being kidnapped and humiliated. Forced to do things to earn what little food my captors will allow me so that they can transform me into the ultimate obedient sex slave. Kept naked and bound, my ass and mouth and pussy always full when not in use. Called a fat cow until I earn the right to be called other wise.

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44 M Dom looking for slave/s

Good afternoon and well wishes to all the possible worthless slave candidates on Slavefarm (and to all other Doms and Masters out there).

Master is in search of a female sub slave to use, abuse, and objectify. Humiliation will be part of the training as well as degradation, pain, abuse and other verbs as Master deems fit.

Master requires all slave candidates to PM him here to further the conversation.

When the slave candidate PM's master, they need to send the following information:

LIMITS! yes slaves, I need to know your limits as that will establish if we are a fit.

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Wire tied tits

Tits tied with very tight wire, tit laying on top of a Pin Board

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Slave looking for online Master who would be in control of the slave 24/7. Likes bondage and assPlease contact me if interested.

Hi. I'm a slave looking for and online Master. Someone who is sadistic and only wants to satisfy himself. I believe a slave should be treated like this: http://kinkylittlegirl.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/how-to-raise-a-disobedie... I never had a Master so I will probably need lots of harsh training, disciplining and punishing. My Master controlling when I eat/drink/piss/sleep is something that I would like. Not being allowed to eat/drink/piss/sleep for a long time - just on Master's whim - turns me on.

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What I am searching for.

Lately alot of Masters have been asking what I am searching for. Well, my Master works alot and is gone alot. I am searching for ideas for tasks or daily reminders for me to do when he is gone. I know it is alot to ask for complete strangers to help me but, I really need this.

I am not allowed to post pictures of any kind because of my Masters Job and my job are both as public figures. Can't take a chance on damaging our reputations.

Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated.

Humbly awaiting ideas



I need plans to build a wooden pony to be used on my slave girl.I have a nice playroom now,and have a cage,bondage table and suspension equipment.
I also use the Sybian Vibrator on her and also the Fucking Machine with a 13 inch dildoe attachment.I make her take the Sybian and Fucking Machine for 1 to 2 hours at a time and then I enjoy her.
I want a wooden pony to use on her as well.
She is doing very well and it is time this is done to her.
by the way I am always on the look out for hot submissive females 18+ that are slim and attractive only to train and teach and own.

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19, fat slave seek kik Dom will do almost everything

I am looking for a Dom on kik I will send photos and do almost anything you ask of me add me on
Even just send me a message on kik demanding something and I will send you a picture

No pictures will have my face

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