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Refreshing the Search

I am still looking for that one exceptional girl, that one who knows that it is her life's journey to end up on her knees at my front door and give up everything she has, everything she is to be everything I need. I am not looking for a girl to surrender herself and live out her life in the role of slave, I have tried a consensual slave and what I have learned from her is that a slave who consents to the life of service can one day decide that she no longer can serve.

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18 Male Master/Seeks for 18-20 female slave/any location/Beginners only

18/male/master seeks 18-24/female/slave in any location (beginners only)

I don't know how to start off the post but I think I'll start by introducing myself.

I am a beginner master looking for a beginner female sub to explore the S/M thing together online. I do have limits myself and I wouldn't ask you to do anything crazy or off your limits, however, I'd appreciate if you are open minded and willing to explore different/new things!I'm talkative and understanding and I love kinky talking with females as much as you can imagine, especially when there is no taboo!

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slavefarm website without fake Masters or slaves

hello Masters and slaves
i come with one idea as i like this website and have talked with amazing people here .
i want to ask moderator to put every master and slave to proof his/her self by opening webcam for 30 second in private yahoo or skype for moderator then we know that website will never be a place for fake people .

i hope moderator will apply this idea to keep scammers far from slavefarm

Thanks you

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Give up finding a master :(

I give up looking for a master Sad im thinking instead of just posting pictures of what anyone tells me to do (within reason) so inbox me or email me and i shall get back to you with a picture of whatever task/punishment you want me to do
Bare in mind im very inexperienced and the old toy i own is a pink vibrator

Email is


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Sehr Devote/r Sklave oder sklavin gesucht. Kreis Hamburg.(Kaufe auch jemanden ab)

Hallo. Hast du Lust dich mir zu Unterwerfen und die Geilste Zeit deines Lebens zu haben? Liebst du es gefesselt zu sein und das besten Nackig? Unterwerfung dich mir sei mein ein und alles und ich werde mit dir Sachen anstellen die du dir ein deinen Geilsten träumen nicht hättest vorstellen können. Handschellen..dildos ketten und vieles vieles mehr...

Melde dich bei mir !!!!!!!!!

Ein anderer Meister will verkaufen? Ich kaufe bzw miete auch sehr gerne!!!!Wink

-nicht älter als 30, darunter gibt es KEIN Stop.
-bereit sein alles zu tun was ich sage

Meldet euch!!!

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Master Roundhead looking for additional slave

Looking for a new slave for Master to control. Can be online only if preferred.

The slave will have to take and submit a questionnaire that includes slaves soft/hard limits. This questionnaire is NOT, and I stress NOT to gain personal information from slaves vanilla life, except to source slaves limitations in the vanilla world that could jeopardise slaves position. Once this has been completed, rules within the relationship will be set.

Master sees the structured training process as being a vital and important part of the M/s relationship.

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Experienced Master Looking for sub/slave girl

I am a Dominant man from Toronto looking for a submissive/slave. I do like to train girls into submission and obedience, I do also enjoy variety of things. I believe in discipline and I respect limits. Submission is a gift that noone can give unless she has it. If you are interested to start talking, please contact me and I will share with you my coordinates . I am very caring but firm and strict. I give attention always and expect the same thing. I am into Humiliation, discipline and obdience training and much more.

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Master looking for online slave mostly kik

Looking for a slutty little slave that knows her place and will be as shes told. i like any size girl but love fat sluts. im into a range of dom types from just regular easy going slave master to full on humiliation treating the slave as a walking fuck hole. sending pics req. videos preferred and toys preferred. note i can be a nice master but upset me and the punishment WILL be severe. PM me now.

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Master/slave play story

You are mine to do with as I please, my trained fuck and oral sex toy. I am strict and not arbitrary. I expect your complete, prompt and total obedience.

You walk into the living room, happy to see Master, wearing a short skirt, knit top and moderately high heels. I stand up, tell you that I am not happy with you, get me a beer right now. You open the bottle and hand it to me with some concern. I take a drink and tell you that you have been bad. I tell you to get me another beer and you are surprised. Master usually doesn't drink 2 so quickly.

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