ninjo2's picture

neglecting pee task II

Neglecting here weekly pee task. Afther cleaning toilet her cunt was closed and taken for 7 hours out of order!

MasterSkopje's picture

Seeking slavegirl in South Asia

Seeking a slavegirl from the wider region looking to serve a strict Master in Dhaka. Initally online with move to real life live in slavery.
silverfox5510's picture

Reliable,Trustworthy, Dominate Masters & Mistresses

Experienced Mature Strict Dominant Master In Toronto Canada. Inviting other Interested Masters Mistresses (Obedient Submissive slaves). All are Invited to submit All Relevent Information Prices To rent for Two Three week duration and or Own outright able to stay in Canada. details direct to: slippery.sherratt1@yahoo.com

JudahKit10's picture

Hi, I need my Daddi, please?

Hi. I am a Little Kit10 who is very new to this lifestyle and has no Daddi. I am seeking a Daddi to love me and take care of me, play with me and punish me if I am bad, who will be patient with me but mostly to just be a good Daddi to me forever so that I can trust him and be his good Little Slutty Girl. I wanna be Daddi's masterpiece forever. <3 <3

JudahKit10's picture

Hi, I'm looking for my Daddi. Have u seen him?

Hi, my name is JudahKit10. I am a newbie to all of this. I have only had one partial BDSM relationship but it was long distance and didn't end well. I am looking to meet a Daddy Dom that will take care of me and be my Daddi forever. Have u seen him?

SlaveMaster66's picture

need new female slaves to train.

I really need a female slave now no older than 26. I ask for only pics and vids for the first week of slaveship then skype. If you are interested in this please message me.

BeardedBritishDom's picture

Master looking for something real

I am a 28 year old male Dom from the southwest of england. I am a very experienced Dom, and have been into the scene for the last 10 years or so. I have a good job in the financial sector but I am currently studying to work in 3D modeling.

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