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Looking for a master that is strict but caring, has rules and gives punishments if they are broken, that is loving, praises me for good behavior and scolds me for bad behavior.
On a regular basis I am very obedient, respectful, giving, caring, good mannered. But, I do have bad days. I'm going to have those days when I need to be disciplined, scolded.
I need a master who will not just ditch me because I snapped slightly, but instead, I need a master that will teach me not to do what I did wrong, again.
I have kik, so message me and I'll give it to you or just message me to talk.

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Daddy needs a slut

Looking for an obedient little slut age 18-26 willing to fulfill daddy's every desire. Must call me daddy when addressing me

Kik me fade2black128

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Jekyll and Hyde meets Hello Kitty and the Bitch/Cunt... a Dom's Dilemma!

She’s your Princess, Kitten, Sweetie and Darlin’. She’s your whore, cunt, bitch and pussy. You never know until you are together again.

Knowing who she is within the first few seconds of being together again is a Dom’;s dilemma and can make a difference in a joyful visit or one that is empty.

Sure, you can take it strictly on your terms and express yourself and your will immediately and without concern, but some of us Doms invest in developing the depth and quality of a D/s relationship.

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19 year old dirty obedient pet looking for master or daddy

I am 19, I have 4+ years experience with being a sub both online and in real life. I am a little cheeky/stubborn at times bit mostly obedient and very caring.

I am looking for a for someone to train me further to be the best lil obedient slut, somone who can put me in my place but also has a caring lovely side when needed.

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