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brutal laxative

My girlfriend decided to punish today 6 o'clock, I received a 20fr catheter and eight pieces of Dulcolax tablets 9 o'clock and castor oil 125ml getting strong cramps in my stomach, I will spend the day on the toiletUpdating even during the dayI'm practically incontinent. It was an accident. the catheter caught in panties and I could not pull it off fast enough. I am no longer wash up from the toilet. However, only moderate cramps. I drink one liter of fluid per hour completely clear liquid slowly excreted, still good to have wifi and notebook

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Male Master UK seeking new female Slave

I am a 30-year old male master based in the UK.

Seeking a female slave regardless of age, looks etc. This will intially be an online only situation until behaviour is suitable.

Safe, sane and reasonable.

Contact me for more details. Include your experience.

OnlineMasterBrad's picture

Master looking for online Slave Girl

Girls willing to serve me online

Master Looking for Online Slave Girls that are willing to obey me.

Be willing to obey
Under 30
Swap pics

Be flexible (as in body flexibility like being able to do the splits)
Have uniforms of some sort
willing to cam

OnlineMasterBrad's picture

Master looking for Online Slave Girl

Online master seeking an Online slave girl. must be willing to obey and under 30.

Master Vincent's picture

Looking for a female slave/submissive

Hello my name is Vincent, well. Master Vincent or so I should be called. I am 25 year old experienced Dom. I have had a live in slave before, but that was some time ago, but as of right now I am trying to find a new slave. Strictly online for right now. My ideal slave loves to be controlled, willing to obey every and any and command with reason. And loves to serve her Master. I have no real limit on age of body type. Well I look forward to hearing from you

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Anonymous Master seeks Willing Slavegirl(s)

A group for slavesluts who are looking to be controlled on a random basis by someone they know nothing about

This group is not for people who are looking to build actual relationships with a Dom or for those who are not willing to put their all into being a slave.

This group is for those who want to be owned on Kik, Skype, email or anywhere else by an anonymous party. Once servitude has been agreed upon, The Master will have complete control of the slave's schedule, giving orders whenever He sees fit, regardless of the slave's surroundings or present company at the time.

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Italian 40yo master seeking a slave that would relocate in italy for big time or forever

Italian 40yo master seeking a slave that would relocate in italy for big time or forever
first quality submissive
2 ubidient
3 young and skynny

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caught guy watchin porn

Ive been at a hospital alot dad isin ICU. any ways tonight i walked into the lounge and saw a guy watchin bondage porn on his laptop. i stood still at first watching over his shoulder, he didnt notice me. i walked closer and he turned and saw me and closed his laptop fast andgot up. as he hurried to thedoor i told him he has good taste hehe

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