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Seeking female to be a sex slave and household pet.

Master located in Moncton, NB, Canada seeks female to be a sex slave and household pet.

Fair, but firm, discipline will be maintained with little to no corporal punishment. Customized dietary and exercise regimes will put inplace as mental, spiritual and physical health is cherished and will be kept optimal. Training will be done in sessions with other sister slaves.

Serious inquires only. No experience required, but preference will be given to those who show inteligence, creativity and depth of character.

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[filtered word] Role Play

Exploring animal role play, pet play and training women to be animal like slaves.

An open group for the discussion of [filtered word] role play, pet play and pretty much anything to do with the training of women to be [filtered word] like slaves.

****** This group is about Human on Human interaction NOT Human on [filtered word]. ******

"Looking for" posts welcome. Please post introductions that include your role, interests and location.

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puppy girl

master is looking to a puppygirl

i am a master and i am looking for a puppygirl i hope that some girl will contact me for being my puppygirl.I cant play real i can only do cyber play .

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plump San Francisco area pet.

My particular kink revolves around surrender, connection & a sense of deep belonging. I am most fulfilled as a deeply loved & dehumanized pet. I don't mean this in the strict role playing sense (I'm not a dog, cat, pig, cow, whatever; even if occasionally you may enjoy having me do things that might match those roles). I simply "am" in my most natural state [filtered word]istic, raw, loving & devoted.

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