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daddy looking for a baby girl

Daddy looking a baby girl(any age) to play with and to send stuff for daddy.

My babby girl need to send a pic of herself(no face needed), name age and location(bonus if your in australia)

Kik: leemooredog
msg hey daddy

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Male Dom Seeking Sub

I'm an 23 year old English dom living in the south of France.

I am actively searching for a female slave in any time zone between the ages of 18 and 55 that enjoys being submissive, will send pics and videos (after we have mutual trust) and eventually webcam, the length of our relationship will depend entirely on how well we get on.
I am not bothered about previous experiance as being my slave will be an entirlly new experiance for you. I have always used a safeword with my slaves and I never ask you to do something in your limits.

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Gentleman First, Daddy Second ;)

Hiya there! Experienced Big Bad Dom from London still hunting for a chance to satisfy my dark dirty fantasies, online or otherwise, with a plump juicy female sub, slave or pigslut. I've heard all the nasty kinks in the world and have a couple of my own. Nothing surprises me so let's see if you can

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Young , expirienced master looking for kik slave

I'm looking for online slave,if I like you we can agree to be locals.I'm 25 years old,started with domination with 18y.

If you are girl up to 45 y old not older and wants to be my full obediant sissy slave,contact me.

If you are new in this dont be shy , we will make a good agreement before starting.

My good obediant slavey always gets prizes.

Kik : 420gentlemann

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Seeking Humiliation/pain sub/slave for online play (females only)

Greetings, thank you for viewing my post. What I'm looking for, is a woman who loves humiliation and pain. This will only be online, until we can meet if possible.

I need you to have skype, as you will be performing tasks. The pain will not be too bad, if your worried we can discuss it. Ideally I would like someone for long term, but if you just want to give me a try and see what you think, that is fine.

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humiliation 3 some on kik

I am 39 M Eg Dom . my main interest is cuckquean humiliation , so I seek two kinds of females

1- a cuckquean beta sub slave who will humbly submit to extreme humiliation by a better woman in 3 some roleplay

2- a cuckcake alpah sub or switch who is willing to extremely degrade an other female verbal abuse , forced oral ... etc

ugly , old , Fat or black are good for verbal abuse

I like bi women and like straight women even more

so female slave or switch if you are into humiliation message me at dombull5 at kik

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Looking for serious slave

I'm 28 years old master who is seeking female slave for long term M/s relationship.
I'm funny and compassionate person. I have many likes on topic outside sexual and I have been in bdsm for almost 9 years. I have experience in bdsm both real life and online.

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Fun, creative master looking for a slave of any experience.

Dear future slave (or random reader)-

I am a fun, sophisticated master who has plenty of experience.

If this is your first time and are anxious, then don't worry- we can talk before so you catch a grasp of how this works.
Experience is not necessary. I don't care about body size and what you do in your spare time, unless it's interesting.

As long as you are honest and obedient then you'll have the time of your life (or the opposite Wink )

My KIK is : CasualGuy61

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Master looking a submissive female 18+ slave

I am master, looking for a submissive female to start immediately with, my interest in your are :
1. Skinny or fat
2. Brunette or blonde
3.18 and above in age

As my fetishes are :

1. Toilet play
2.feet worship
3.humilation and degradation
5. Spanking

If interested

Message me at kik : xall_lord

Or on snapchat : clawnoor

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