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Thanksgiving At Master Harte and Master_over_slaves house, Slaves are you comming to live or stay at our real life slave farm

Ok Prespective Slaves looking for a master
Here is the deal,
Thanksgiving at our real life slave farm has begun, We are expecting right now 12 slaves to come for thanksgiving and 4 that are relocating to our real life slave farm on thanksgiving

You all know what I am offering to my slaves, Houseing,employment, security, safety and love and disapline and a lot of fun. I am looking for any female slave who wants to join our family to contact me this week and I will provide the address and phone numbers for each of us

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Don't have the time for a real slave

Make time online to serve when able

Thank you for looking at the group. It is for busy people who dont always have the time to have slaves serving real time but to interact online or loaning out said slaves to be used or trained in new ways or from a different prospective.

Introduce yourselves and be known.

What do you require?

Make your objectives known?

Do you Lead or follow?

What can you offer?

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Cambridge, UK.

Cambridge, UK.

I am looking for a long term submissive relationship to a dominant person to increase my knowledge and education of such a position.

This must be with someone local so time can be spent to develop the relationship.

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Master Recquired

Hi, I am completely new to this site.
Am looking for a Master, who will take on someone who has never practiced hard BDSM, but I want to go all the way with someone suitable.
I am 22 years old and am size 10 5'9 brunette, and want someone to destroy my body and make me cum again and again.
Replies please Smile

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I am looking for a female slave

I am looking for a female slave who want to be there, formed to have for all perversions

Location: Germany (Hessen)

The following tendencies should the lady have the pair:

You should be open to ensure that your tits, pussy, ass
Clubs, parties, parking, beach, to show it in public, presented, and used to be.

There should be a preference for submissive u / o Maso, sex, bondage, Out whips, tortures,
Anal fisting, [filtered word], ect hard games, piss, [filtered word], fist, extreme session, bdsm.

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Master searching for permanent slave girls

I am a Bisexual Dominant Male Top looking for a bisexual female preferably brunette slut slave switches. You need to be able to relocate if you are worthy aged between 18 - 36 years old and openmindedness and adventurous is a must!! You need to be a perfect lady in public but in private you will do as I command and beg for more. You need to be slim sexy and well groomed at all times and ready for me at my whim and desire. Read my interests Carefully as I also need you to assist with training others as well as receiving training.

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