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chili powder on my cunt & clit, first time trying

Hi to anyone who's reading, I've just joined SF and I'm playing with the blog, using these notes from Monday.

Trying out chili powder, 5 September. To see what it feels like, what the pain level would be.

Added some water to the chili powder, making a kind of paste. Started with just a tiny dab on my clit. Didn't feel much beyond a little warmth, briefly, a few minutes after applying. Then tried a larger amount, on clit and labia. Felt the warmth more strongly, developing within 5-10 minutes. Almost heat. Gave me a clearer idea of where this was going.

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OnLine Slave Sought for R/T Permanent Use.

This Master seeks submissive females who want to be owned as a slave for extreme online direction, use, abuse, degradation, humiliation and sexual objectivcation.
This is for a particular style of relationship: Long distance real time active ownership of accepted female slaves. The women sought want to be treated as objects, slaves and with no physical contact with their owner but to wait, receive directions to be followed and completed as directed and report back to their Master their results.

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Her crotch and choking rope...

The more painfullyobsessed moved, the more she choked herself- delicious to watch

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