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Still looking

A lot of you masters have messaged me but still trying to find that right one. I'm a slut who needs nothing more than to be abused breed and milked and also human toilet. I have been training to do milking and abuse and human toilet and enema slut. My trainer will not breed me only gives me special vitamin to get my milk. I'm looking for a master that will abuse me stretch my ass and cum dump to fit a full pineapple in both to do enemas on me and also to breed me milk me force me to drink his piss and eat his shit.

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Looking for a sub that wants to be humiliated

Write down "Im a whore" on your tits inred lipstick and kik the image to Luuk_mk to prove you are willing to serve

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I want to own you, female slave

Hello, I am master Luuk and Im looking for a slave. I want a girl that listens well and is not afraid to try things. I can be a sadist when I punish but I am a reasonable person.
If you want to be owned by my send me a kik (Luuk_mk) or mail me (
When you do state your name, age location, fetishes and limits. Attach a picture of your face. You may also pm me.

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Oral Sex

Was looking for slave to be a 24/7 365 Oral Sex Slave/piss whore I am ordering the Oral Seat Seat from extremerestraints and needed a slave for it. Also would have to lick pussies (clean and unclean) and suck dick. I would allow men to cum and women to cum on face. Want to start online till a relationship is established then you would move in. Must be born female and younger the better.


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need a real slave

This Master seeks a real slave that is willing to relocate and be taken care of as a slave should be taken care of by her Master.

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34 years old Master looking for a female slave online


At first I'm from the Netherlands so English isn't my first language, so sorry if my gramar isn't perfect Wink

Please read the whole ad before you apply although it's pretty long. I just want to give you all the info you need so you know I'm the right Master for you.

Please don't reply here if you're interested but send me a PM and tell me how I can reach you, for example your kik username.

About me: I'm Eli, 34 years old, straight, single and living in the Netherlands and self-employed.

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Male searching for his slaves

a male in Minnesota looking for his dedicated, loyal & obedient slaves

I'm looking for slaves who will fully dedicate themselves to serving & pleasing me, women, age 18-30 within 20 miles of Bloomington Minnesota, be prepared to serve & please me completely, contact me if u have questions or if you're interested

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Master looking for a female slave.

Name: Toro Nero
Age: 35
Location: Europe
Email/IM: Kik: ToroNeroNL Skype: toroneronl or send me a PM for email or whatsapp
Likes/Dislikes/Limits: My limits are [filtered word], [filtered word], [filtered word]. Besides my limits I'm into everything depending on the slave's limits.
I'm a Master

What I'm looking for in a slave.
-Webcam is not required.
-I'm mainly looking for a online relationship. But if it feels good for both of us it can lead to a offline relationship.
-The slave should be willing to commit as much as possible, but I understand if it's not always possible with private life etc.

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