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i looking for a slave girl age 18 to 27 no higher

i looking for a slave girl age 18 to 27 no higher the body of the slave can be skinny or average tits size can be c or bigger her height need to be 5ft to 5'6ft and last thing she need to be sexy

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master need breed and milk

I am looking for sub and slaves couples who need help wanting have babies I have my sperm check every month see if good

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Online slave

Looking for skype/kik slave or skype sex partner. Must be female.
Add my skype LittleRedFoxCub
Add my kik LittleRedFoxCub

What happens will be a surprise. Leave your names below and add/message me. >) Big smile Wink Tongue

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Still in need

I'm still with my trainer he won't release me till I find a new master that Wil go above ever odds and ends. My trainer right now has abused me is using g me as a human toilet. I get daily enemas and one at night that is marshmallows that been soaking all day in any type of enema he wants then slides the 12 of them up my abused ass then he takes my metal anal plug shoves it right in and tapes it in so I can not push it out then puts a latex pair of underware on me that is tight enough so the plug doesn't get out if the tape doesn't hold but my cum dump is always exposed for his pleasure.

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Experienced Master looking for online female slave.

I'm a experienced 35 years old Master looking for a online female slave to be trained and serve me.
I like slave without experience.

Interested or have any questions? Send me a message on KIK. My username is ToroNeroNL

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Free to good Master.

I am giving away my female slave...permanently. I simply do not have time for it anymore. It has small tits but huge areolas and nipples. Its nipples are pierced for maximum ability to use. Tits are big enough to be tied, or wrapped against its body to acheive maximum discomfort.  It has Nice tight pussy and ass... Which have not been used by any means for 9 days. It has a large clit that can easily be tied and fat cunt lips. Both of its nipples and clit are extremely sensitive.  It is used to edging and denial as well as humiliation. It's in its 30s.

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Athlete Slave

I'm currently wondering if anyone knows of someone (or has personally) a slave that can compete in athletic event like the Ironman Triathlon? Please p.m. me even if your the slave just wanted to know how well it worked/what pleasure master or slave get. Maybe post slave photo somewhere or link.

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New Zealand based Master seeks slave

Come to this side of the world to be a 24/7 slave
I am sensual and sadistic in equal parts
Start a new life
Be yourself

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Rough Master seeking submissive slut

Looking for absolute submissive slut who is willing to do to anything. Limits are expected and can be worked through/around. Must be willing/able to answer to my requests ASAP. If this sounds like your alley, then message me on KiK.

Also, looking for FEMALES ONLY. NO MALES. Age must be under 40.

KiK: DerekDisten

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Seeking a slave, special reqiurments

im looking for a slave that will live in the following scenario. you move to Brisbane, Australia. and you work to live, however, any money you make is given straight to me, you will live alone for the first few months, before i move in with you. During this time i will allow you to live, under my command and control, For example, you must call/skype me before showering or going to work.

pick from all or some of my desires and we will discuss arrangements. when you move in you will give me a key and i will come over as i please.

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