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Dom looking for slave/or train one interested

just as the headline reads. I am looking for either and already experienced slave or a submissive type who is interested in going further and learning what it means to be a master fuck toy. I am in the Oklahoma area those interested should message me. A bit about me to think about. I am 22 highly intelligent, I am can be both a kind master and a cruel one ready to punish at a moments notice, very well off in life and stable.

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Looking for female slave fun in KC metro area

Looking for a female slave in Kansas City metro area who is interested in online or in-person slave fun.
if interested, please message me or email me.

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looking for a long turm slave

hey Im Ben from Australia im looking for a 24\7 slave im fine with discussing limits and taking it slow if you have any questions please just ask
I also have a kik its bmcka21 feel free to add me

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Looking for a master that is strict but caring, has rules and gives punishments if they are broken, that is loving, praises me for good behavior and scolds me for bad behavior.
On a regular basis I am very obedient, respectful, giving, caring, good mannered. But, I do have bad days. I'm going to have those days when I need to be disciplined, scolded.
I need a master who will not just ditch me because I snapped slightly, but instead, I need a master that will teach me not to do what I did wrong, again.
I have kik, so message me and I'll give it to you or just message me to talk.

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master looking for slaves

Minnesota Master looking for slaves, to dedicate their life to serving him

Searching for a slave or slaves in Minnesota or close surrounding states, must be ready to submit everything, & dedicated her/their life/lives to serving me, must be ready to do everything her master tells her.

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Pony Girl

Does anyone have a Pony Girl who pulls carts with the reins tied to pussy piercing ring like to know how it worked and if any other women wanted to be Pony Girl pics are encouraged



female on this site seeking a Master-

I am seeking to CONNECT with a female with the name of LOSTLITTLEGIRL?
Does anybody on this site have contact with her?
She is the perfect age I am seeking and also has the looks I desire and deserve as well.
I would love to have her as a live in for me.
I live in NJ and am close to her and own a nice 4 bedroom home on 2 acres.
I work as a professional and would support her well.
I would love to take ownership perhaps permanently!
She would never be lost with me,she would know her new home and lifestyle.
Master Mike

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Looking for a potential slave to serve me.

The dynamics of BDSM is not something that can easily be quantified by a brief description of who I am or what I am looking for. BDSM at it's core is based on trust, needs and in a twisted way respect. While I am sure others on this website will disagree with my techniques, to each is their own and I wish them the best in finding what they want. For me it is the willingness to submit to my desires, my whims, to push your limits, to bring pleasure and pain to the mix.

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Herrsucht devot/maso -Frau für online-Erziehung und gelegentliche Treffen

Herr sucht eine devot masochistische Sklavin für Online-Erziehung und gelegentliche reale Treffen.

ICH werde dich hauptsächlich online erziehen.
ICH werde dich von Zeit zu Zeit besuchen.
ICH werde dir bei meinen Besuchen Schmerzen zufügen.

Sauberkeit ist gegeben und wird erwartet.
Diskretion ist Ehrensache.

Ich sehe jede Sklavin als Herausforderung, da jeder Mensch ein Individuum ist.

Meine Fetische sind:

- High Heels
- Leder
- Lingerie
- nackte natürliche Brüste

Meine Vorlieben sind:
- BlowJob
- Brennnesseln
- Brust-/Brustwarzen Folter

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