I am seeking a hot and submissive Italian female from Italy to relocate to the U.S. and live with me.
I am a Dominant Male 45,Italian also and am very experienced as a Master!
I am NOT abusive or domineering as that is not dominance.
I am strict and firm and am very sexual and erotic.
I am seeking HOT Italian girls again to relocate and live with me in my home.
I am single with NO [filtered word].
I own a nice 4 bedroom home on 2 acres and live close to New York City so you will know where I am located.
I will pay the airfare and moving costs of all females.

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Looking for a more adequate slave

Master has demanded I find a more adequate slave to fulfill his desires that I am unable to fulfill. Please respond or private message me if you are a slave looking for some one Anle to completely dominate you.

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New Submissive/Slave

Hi everyone,

My name is Amber, I'm 18 from Brisbane, Australia. I'm 5'3, weigh 55kg, and have long black hair and green/grey eyes. I have 5 piercings and plan on getting tattoos in the future. My body type is curvy/voluptuous.

I'm really playful and open-minded and currently looking for a dominant male/couple (preferably from 18-60) that would be willing to care for me/show me the ropes for this kind of thing. I love learning new things, and this has always been a fantasy of mine.

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Looking for a female to humiliate

Just like the title says I'm looking for a female to humiliate and degrade. I prefer someone near my age and location but am open to any age and location. I'll go at your pace and comfort level. My kik is Punished_Venom_Snake and i look forward to hearing from you.

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Master in search of a willing and able female sub/slave for online activity

It hard to find a willing parter for doing any online activity to please a master. Being an online sub/slave is safe for both master and sub/slave. The sub/slave may and can have a real life master as well. Being an online sub/slave means you should be avail be and willing to do as your master commands. You should not be afraid to do as commanded. Just in real life the sub/slave and master should set some rules and safe words. The sub/slave should be open with the master and tell all to him/her.

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(M)Dom seeks (F)sub for strict control.


Experienced Male Dominant (25 - I've been in the scene for 8 years) seeking a female submissive/pet/slave to be my personal tease toy and experiment. (at first online, then perhaps RL)

If you're looking for a strict and disciplined Dom that will pay attention to you and stay in frequent contact during the online portion of our relationship, I believe I meet those requirements.

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Male tech major seeking quiet comfy slave, possible pet play

Tags are close read them please Smile

First, I'm not so shy, I am bold and I hold my dignity high when it comes to situations of distress.. if you try to tell me I'm wrong or out of style, before you even start, your odd. I mean the odd man out in many situations and should abort this situation ASAP... hopefully serious people who think further then two minutes will scroll to the second paragrapgh.

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Tech major (LTR) slave/pet play

for web / game designers, long term soft men, or gaming legends to find their continual pleasure.

Mainly tailored to my tastes, any man can migrate out of his comfort zone. For me example, I'm even open to accepting a MTF slave, as long as his cunt belongs to me. If your looking for that special sex with emotion ontop, a sensative guy with the ability to explain what pinpoint pleasures he wants is needed. If your soft and sweet, then you already know how easy it is to give someone what they want... it's only how fast they want it. As for the torture, that's not what this group is about. It may take more focus, but a dick can be slide down a woman's throat rather then forced.

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slut wife

Ready to serve anyway as master want. You can use me cumdump slave, bondage, humilitation public, take pics etc. Do us offer what you want to do wet cunt slave..

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slave for rent

My slave the owner of this account needs to be rented out. If you take her you can rent her as long as you want as long as I get videos and pictures sent to me and posted on here. I want her used to the max when send back to me I want her plugged and gagged. Would like her to stay on her enemas and human toilet and sex where ever when ever outside inside I want her humiliate and everything.

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