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Looking for a master that is strict but caring, has rules and gives punishments if they are broken, that is loving, praises me for good behavior and scolds me for bad behavior.
On a regular basis I am very obedient, respectful, giving, caring, good mannered. But, I do have bad days. I'm going to have those days when I need to be disciplined, scolded.
I need a master who will not just ditch me because I snapped slightly, but instead, I need a master that will teach me not to do what I did wrong, again.
I have kik, so message me and I'll give it to you or just message me to talk.

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master looking for slaves

Minnesota Master looking for slaves, to dedicate their life to serving him

Searching for a slave or slaves in Minnesota or close surrounding states, must be ready to submit everything, & dedicated her/their life/lives to serving me, must be ready to do everything her master tells her.

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 04/07

I will give you my update and tell you my techniques for preventing my false growth.

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Seeking a blackmail slave/sub

Looking for a willing slave/sub capable of blackmail submission, if you are willing to be humiliated and used for fun then you might be the right one to play

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Hucow babe college and training ;) update 03/24

After a 2 week vacation here is my update as promised Smile As i said in my 03/03 update ill give a few more facts about me.

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seeking online slut for no limits, total control slavery

I'm basically seeking a long term online slavegirl to enslave as a fully owned property. I'm seeking a slut ready to accept a total control, everythings will be ruled and controlled, you'll be just like a (I hope valuable) property. Discipline will be strict and training hard but if you're a real slave you'll enjoy it. Very few limits will be accepted, more at beginning, fewer when in training. The slave should be in range 18-42, have all 3 holes available, possibly with a thin body and should be able to be regularly online.

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Looking for a blackmail slave

Looking for a willing blackmail slave who would do ANYTHING to protect her secret, knowledge of what you don't want out and a person you don't want to find out is a must, beware once started it will not stop 24/7, if this is not for you don't apply, but if your willing for a challenge and a little humiliation and pain then let's talk

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