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Online slave required

Looking for an online slave willing for 24/7 control. Trust is a major factor so getting to know each other is a must, discipline and pain as well as bondage is involved, and a lust to be humiliated and controlled is essential. If you are willing pm me and we can start communicating

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Thank you for all comments on my pictures. This is an older one (few years ago).

My first try at bondage after looking at some pictures I wanted to try. Striping down to my slutty red nylons in front on the mirror, getting hands tied, and waiting in this position was a rush.

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Male Master looking to humiliate and dominate female slaves

Looking for a slutty slave willing to be humiliated and dominated in every possible way. Age, Race, and body type does not matter, as long as you are female and can do anything that I ask for with picture proof. If you're interested add me on Kik: DerekDisten

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Dom seeking a submissive female or slave girl in London or UK

Hello, I am looking for a submissive / slave / pet female. You can be inexperienced ( I also train ) or someone experienced who is looking for a new owner.

Ideally, I would be interested in someone who is mannerly and craves control and is into a few of the fetishes attached to this post. Please contact me and tell me a little about yourself and we can discuss further.

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looking for online submissives

daddy dom looking for slaves

You will perform all tasks given and give prove it has been done

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Lonely Wealthy master seeking slut toilet slut public humiliation.

Hello my name is Jay. I once had a slave to do as I please. She is no longer with us on this planet due to a vehicle accident.... I have ever since been depressed and lone for another in my life. I'm wealthy and fight MMA. I'm not the type to look like i do such activities but it excites and rushes me. I am very exclusive in things I want. I love humiliation making her do as I say. Pissing on her anal play throat stretching tied up biting and much more. I have no problem inviting one to stay under my roof I live alone in my house.

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Looking for toilet slut

I have had sex for awhile and hooked up with a girl that let me do anything to her. So I did. I haven't gotten over how amazing it was to make her my slut. Pissed on her forced her to gag on my cock tied her up spanked her bite her inflicted pain on her not let her orgasim. Total control over her best thing in the world. However she is no longer with us.. I have urges to do these things once again and I'm looking for someone to do them with relocating is not a problem if I feel you deserve to be my slave. Also find it fun to tell couples what to do to each other.

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Perverted master seeks young perverted slave

I'm dominant, demanding, controlling with a dirty mind to match my high sex drive. My kinks are extreme and taboo. I'm relatively fit and active and am looking for a young fit attractive slave.

If you want to be my slave, you must know what it means to be a slave; to be owned, to be my property, to have every facet of your life controlled by me, and know how to follow my rules. In return for your obedience and eagerness to serve, I will look after you and take care of you. Despite how I may sound after reading thus far, I do have a softer side, and can be very affectionate.

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In search of worlds dirtiest filthiest female painshitslut ever

I am looking for a dirtiest filthiest female masochist slave ever. She will be treated as worthless piece of shit and pain torture and humiliation will be her world. Live pictures of body and face are must. Only serious girls who are willing to perform are welcome. Good shy girls please stay away. Tasks will include spanking slapping nipple torture face treatment ass treatment cunt treatment and more. It may go more rough. I may ask you to soak your face Inside toilet stool. If you are one then kik me @ pervertmaniac

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