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Amateur L in mousetraps -- and not much else

the mousetraps are fairly gentle as nipple toys go. but we have a few more pictures of them ... L

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Amateur L -- dairy three times a day

thanks for all the nice compliments, will post a few more from this series if you like them

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mousetraps -- bait them with a drop of milk

been a while. we did make it out for some nudes-in-nature in a public park a few weeks ago. pretty crowded, so didn't
manage to get any bdsm shots. (will push some vanilla pictures up to, so you can see them there.) here's another
look at the mousetraps from the winter. lots more where this came from ... L

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Shy 19 year old whore dreaming to be milked

I am 5'9'' and 125 pounds. Recently I've gained 15 pounds and my breasts and belly have slightly expanded. I now have 30c's and I've never felt more sexy. I keep fantasizing about becoming pregnant so my breasts will swell with milk and having my breasts pumped while I stand on all fours like a cow. I'd love to be kidnapped and force fed and breed until my boobs grow more and more. <3

I'm looking for a man who would be willing to own me and deny me of any human rights. I'd love to just be someone's dairy cow.

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Adventures in Whoring - Worthless Whores

Adventures in Whoring – Worthless Whores

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Looking for sub/slave in NW Arkansas area closer to Fayetteville the better.

Looking fof a younger submissive girl to use and abuse. Must have pics to talk to me. Start by KIKing me your pic @ Boognishmang. Laughing out loud ...Single file line ladies you'll all get a turn.

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Hello, I am a strict 39 year old attractive swm Master with my own dungeon looking for a 24/7 human puppy or 24/7 slave. I have my own cage for you. You will be required to be naked at all times at home and will have to earn the right to wear clothes. You will be brainwashed into my perfect slave. Once you enter into slavery there is no turning back and no release. If you are interested contact me asap with photo. I am located in a suburb of Detroit.

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