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Now seeking

I'm rather dubious of this site, but maybe some nice sub can prove me wrong.

Now looking for a new project, ideally a girl looking to train as a petgirl (the place could do with a puppy). However, I'm open to hearing other applications from subs/slaves.

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Still looking for the perfect slave....online for now.......RL later.......if it works


I have not been fortunate enough to find the right slave. So I will change this up a little. I want a slave that is willing to follow orders and surrender her will completely. Trust is a big factor, so we will work on it. I want a slave for online only, possibly for relocation later. You'd have to be great for that to be considered. This will be done through yahoo, kik, or other forms of communication. If this is something you are interested in, then you can contact me on here. All will be considered, but only one will be the chosen. Thank you.

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Master seeking slave ASAP

Greetings to one and all! I am, once again, posting a topic on here to find my perfect and ideal (hopefully long term) slave. I believe that every slave deserved to be treated differently based on their behavior and/or personality, as well as based on the way they want to be treated. In other words, there are many factors to consider before writing down simply what I am looking for. For me, it is a much more complex question. I am however, a fair and patient Master, most of the time.

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Seeking a Long-Term Online Slave

Ever wanted to have your life micro-managed? Do you feel the need to serve someone in every moment of your life, or enjoy doing exactly as told? Then send me a message because that is exactly what I am looking for. I want a slave that will get off on serving. That won't hesitate to do as she is told. As for preferences, I only ask that you be loyal and willing to consider relocation a few months (preferably years) down the line. This would be online only at first, for a good while. You can message me on here or email me at the address below for details. Don't hesitate to ask.

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looking for honest people to slave for me am ready to do anything she requested in life

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Junk slaves

I see that I started some kind of stir with first not filling out My Profile, well non of your Damn business. I've had my fill of thieves in the past. And the smooth talkers are the one's to watch out for. And the fishing trip girl is one of the oldest tricks. As for My kajira being junk, far from it. she has a brain that is smart as a Whip. I use that term, because it knows that she can taste My straps at anytime.. And she must think how to be pleasing tob Me, I can be kind or stern. A Gorean bitch must learn to read her Master, his attitudes, and wants, if you ask Me.

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PoM 32 waxing

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