snow nude
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Seeking Online Slave

Looking for an online slave willing to brave cold temperatures, public humiliation, and the occasional fever for her master's enjoyment.

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SexSlave Sveske


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Master seeking 24/7 online slave

I need a slave who's willing to humiliate herself. Online, available at every beck and call of mine. Cold, diapers, ice skating, ballet, and bondage will all be involved. Humiliation will be frequent.

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Icy punishments

Keeping your slave chilled every once in a while will certainly keep her in line. Keep her in a cold room (about 15-20 degrees F) for about an hour, and when she comes out to warm up, she'll be more than willing to obey if it means getting warm. If that's not an option, try an ice bath. A little bit colder, since water saps heat faster than air, but just as effective if not more. Finally, if she's constantly disobedient without any sign of changing, try a snow burial. Tie her up, lay her out on the ground, and start shoveling snow onto her until she's buried up to her neck.

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