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Master seeking Rich Slave

Exactly right, Be a Rich Slave and I will show you where you are going wrong. Be there when I want not when you want. Follow every direction given and expect to be rewarded in spades. Obedience is KEY to your pleasure. I will not put up with a lazy slave. Your mind should belong to me, your thoughts Are my dreams- your every breath is a gift I give you! You know who you are! you know what I want! Don't test my patience and Come to Me quickly.

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20 m looking for new and casual online slaves/submissives update

A lot of people often wonder about the lifestyle or cant always commit, so if anyone is interested in testing the waters, contact me on kik or via email: justnannite@gmail and justabard. Or just send me a message on the forum, of course.

I'm heavy into directing pictures and orgasm control, but since these are on the lighter ends of the spectrum they are perfect for any casual/beginner.

Ask away if you have any questions, no preference in age or body type.

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Cropped Again

Dom gets me wet, then crops my cunt and asshole very hard. I must be a masochist. I crave it and when it happens I relish in the experience.

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Spread wide and cropped again

Dom can always find some reason why I should be cropped. Lucky me.

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Dom seeking a submissive female or slave girl in London or UK

Hello, I am looking for a submissive / slave / pet female. You can be inexperienced ( I also train ) or someone experienced who is looking for a new owner.

Ideally, I would be interested in someone who is mannerly and craves control and is into a few of the fetishes attached to this post. Please contact me and tell me a little about yourself and we can discuss further.

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