I need plans to build a wooden pony to be used on my slave girl.I have a nice playroom now,and have a cage,bondage table and suspension equipment.
I also use the Sybian Vibrator on her and also the Fucking Machine with a 13 inch dildoe attachment.I make her take the Sybian and Fucking Machine for 1 to 2 hours at a time and then I enjoy her.
I want a wooden pony to use on her as well.
She is doing very well and it is time this is done to her.
by the way I am always on the look out for hot submissive females 18+ that are slim and attractive only to train and teach and own.

slaveforyoda's picture

Looking for Sister Slave

My master giving me permission to find a sister slave. Our location is at Jakarta, Indonesia. Anyone interesting can send me a message. Cheers....

clittykitty's picture

Dom uses the crop again

Getting my just deserts.

Slavegirlbetty's picture

Who Wants to wear it anyhow?

Currently in bed... Yaaay! Its exciting to sleep in comfort every now and then...

Today i went out without underwear as usual... Its not often i get to wear any... My master wants to be able to feel/touch/enter anytime he likes...

To be fair it is very nice and free without it... I do however have to wear it when he wants me dressed up for his pleasure.. He insist on it...

At least I'm not tossed aside as yet!


Slavegirlbetty's picture

Its been a while

It has been a while... Although I'm still a slave i think my master is getting bored with me... Im worried that he is ready to trade me.. Or just give me away..

If he gives me away i could end up anywhere.. I see there are lots of willing masters looking to give a home to a slave.. Maybe even overseas... It is a scary thought... But i don't get to choose so i have to just get on with it and hope for the best... Maybe i will be your slave soon?? :/


bar46sh's picture

NJ Master Seeking big Breasted Female nonsmoking Slave

Actively seeking a Bergen, co., NJ, submissive, non smoking women, play pal, or some one to meet, an on line submissive to mentor or teach I am a romantic and caring man and i would like to meet a women, submissive to play online with some one whose interested in what I love b&d s&m I love breasts tortures, breast bondage and other types bondage, someone who lives in Bergen, Passaic, Essex Cos., someone I who like to be trained, a submissive a women who like to do tasks for me, and talk about their experiences, what they like, and what they dislike , a submissive I would do a painting of

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