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Jekyll and Hyde meets Hello Kitty and the Bitch/Cunt... a Dom's Dilemma!

She’s your Princess, Kitten, Sweetie and Darlin’. She’s your whore, cunt, bitch and pussy. You never know until you are together again.

Knowing who she is within the first few seconds of being together again is a Dom’;s dilemma and can make a difference in a joyful visit or one that is empty.

Sure, you can take it strictly on your terms and express yourself and your will immediately and without concern, but some of us Doms invest in developing the depth and quality of a D/s relationship.

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Looking for female or couple to play with. For more information contact via private message. No online play...

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19 year old dirty obedient pet looking for master or daddy

I am 19, I have 4+ years experience with being a sub both online and in real life. I am a little cheeky/stubborn at times bit mostly obedient and very caring.

I am looking for a for someone to train me further to be the best lil obedient slut, somone who can put me in my place but also has a caring lovely side when needed.

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master looking for slaves

Minnesota Master looking for slaves, to dedicate their life to serving him

Searching for a slave or slaves in Minnesota or close surrounding states, must be ready to submit everything, & dedicated her/their life/lives to serving me, must be ready to do everything her master tells her.

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Got a new toy.

So I purchased a new restraint system that puts the girls on all fours with their backs arched and their ass up. I tried it out on Kitty and had Sophie prepare my cock. I started by flogging Kitty till her ass was bruised while this was going on I had Sophie hands cuffed use just her tongue on my balls. Once hard I pounded Kitty her ass bounced back and fourth in the restraints with the rest of her body locked in place.

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The perfect slave: dehumanized and shaped to an object

If there's any female slave, that share my description of a perfect slave... ...I'd like you to know better!! Apply now!!
Otherwise I'm interested in your opinions and ideas to the subject.
It makes me happy and so proud, to own such an object. The perfect slave is in my opinion absolutely quiet, without own thoughts, wishes or an ego. So I can brainwash the object and create something new.
Whatever I want. That's what every Master has to do sometimes. It's freedom. It's power. It feels great.
Now keep posting.

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Pony Girl

Does anyone have a Pony Girl who pulls carts with the reins tied to pussy piercing ring like to know how it worked and if any other women wanted to be Pony Girl pics are encouraged

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Deep Needs

I have been longing for this lifestyle for so long, but am in a very Vanilla relationship, and we have a child. Our relationship isn't the best, we argue often and I often think we'd be better off without each other, but it isn't all that bad, I just can't leave him, I don't know if its just that I don't have the guts or if it that I don't think I can make it on my own as a single mother. He's never going to embrace this lifestyle and my soul just needs it. I need to feel controlled, used and utterly dominated. :/

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