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Marks of Ownership 4

While it is in position, slave is spread to provide better access to what is Mine. I invite Y/you to join Me in a closer inspection of My holes.

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Yes Yes, Hit it, Hurt it, Use it all please

The degradation which characterizes the state into which you plunge the individual by punishment pleases, amuses, and delights him.
Deep down the person enjoys having gone so far as to deserve being treated in such a way."
-- Marquis De Sade

i will lick, suck and nibble for hours without interruption.
i will use the tip of my tongue to circle all around the ridge of the head, point my tongue into the eye on top then open my mouth and suck all the way down the shaft.
Once i reach the bottom i will stick my tongue out and lick on Your balls.

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Marks of Ownership 3

While it is in position, slave is spread to provide better access to what is Mine. The slut is required to keep these two holes in a constant state of readiness: clean and lubricated.

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All of me for Your use!!

If You are interested in an ssbbw surrendering my will to Your wishes, may i offer myself to You for Your use. i am widowed from my Master/Husband, but i am not looking for love or romance or happy ever after.
my aim is to find a Dominant that will allow me to honor His will through His training.
i am driven, intelligent and well rounded, but i crave the control and comfort that being under a strong Dominant will give me.

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Marks of Ownership 2

My marks have come out well, I think. slave is instructed to spread and present. The slut’s dignity is gone and has been replaced by obedience.

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Marks of Ownership

slave is positioned so that I can evaluate the progress of My latest efforts. It can take a while before the markings mature and take on the appropriate clarity.

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Experienced Master seeks new slave to train and collar

I am looking for a slave that wants TPE, 24/7. My main goal is to eventually use her and others as breeders and milking. So eventually this would require relocation, though not right away of course. I want a slave willing to hand over all control. To do as she is told regardless of the possible consequences such as not hanging out with friends, dating only who she is allowed, that sort of thing. Our communication would be through KIK or texting if you are within the US and Canada. If you are interested contact me here or on kik. The name is benevolentmaster on there.

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