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Self Torture

I am looking for ways of torturing myself due to the fact that I do not have an IRL master. Any ideas?

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Master here seeking a slave slut to own completly and mold into my property

I'm basically seeking a long term online slavegirl to enslave as a fully owned property. She will be trained online with a regular schedule (possibly in CAM over skype and she will be allowed to hide her face for privacy). I'm seeking a slave ready to accept a strict control and a lot of rules and tasks. Discipline will be strict and training hard, the slave should be in range 18-42, have all 3 holes available, possibly with a thin body and should be able to be regularly online. The slave will receive pain as punishment for bad behaviours but training will be fair.

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Kik slut, 22 y, looking for a Master

Hi, I am a female kik slave, 22 years old, looking for a strict Master to teach me and discipline me.

Likes: Verbal and Physical Humiliation, Bondage, Foot worship, being human furniture (forniphilia), whipping/spanking, breast torture, practicing slave positions, face slapping, being treated like an animal and walked with a leash, being on all fours, getting my body full of clothespins...basically I enjoy everything that is humiliating.

Dislikes & Limits: needles, electricity, blackmailing, [filtered word], breath play, and anal.

Soft Limit: Nipple torture (however, I like breast torture)

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Are there any really submissive slaves in Newcastle Australia?

If you your female aged between 20-50 and want to play with an experianced Master, you may be new to this or have been a slave before say hello, i promise ill be gently

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My name is Mark. I live in LA and I am a part of a number of RL groups. Looking to expand my search to online.

I will help train and teach new slaves to be submissive.

Tasks will include:

-Obedeince Training
-Submissive Testing
-Bondage Training
-Pet Training
-Toy usage Training

We are looking for female subs/slaves and if you identify as a girl sissies/trans.


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dirtymuslimgirl looking for sexual guing

I am naughty sub muslim girl looking for dominat, if possible also arab or muslim, man and woman, who like to Chat with me and who like to give me sexual guding and teach me how to explore my body, how to masturbate and how i can hurt my pussy and more!

One of my particular preference is to get from ?strangers? sexual instructions and to execute them.
I also like to talk about myself, about pleasure, passion, eroticism and sexuality and other sexual, erotic topics.

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Young Master looking for obedience

If you are reading this post then you are looking to be an obedient slave/sub to a young master. My age will be given to you upon your contact. I'm not looking for games or people to waste my time. I have multiple means of being contacted. The easiest would be on Kik or hangouts where you will start you slave training. I'm open minded but will punish you if you misbehave. Contact me soon and you will enjoy your first reward from your master/daddy. My kik username is makemesmile1991 or message me here. I'm waiting!

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Golden Glow

Golden Glow

THE ROOM LOOKS dim yet alive with movement, with all the lights turned off, the only illumination coming from a series of candles placed throughout, the flickering light in a perpetual dance with the shadows that are pushed to and fro along the wall and ceiling, a result of the candle flames being repeatedly pushed by the air movement created from our bodies in motion, yours squirming under the firm discipline of my open hand.

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Experienced Master seeking Young Slavegirl

Strict, kinky and demanding dominant master, looking for a young obedient little/slave girl to own, train, use, love, protect, humiliate and control as my property. You will be master's property, you will belong to master completely. I have a lot of fetishes and kinks including a lot of humiliation, degradation, sadism, anal training and lot more.

Previous experience is not necessary, you will be trained properly by master and preference will be given to younger applicants, so don’t feel shy.

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