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play me hard

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39M Sir Australia looking for a new Piglet slave for online use only

39 year old married (if this is an issue dont apply) Sir from Australia seeking a new pet for online use only. I have just come out of a long term online relationship where my last submissive had to relinquish her position due to personal issues and its time to find another slave to mould into my personal piglet. I work from home and as such shall be available to you, even if just to check up and/or answer any questions, most of the time. Ideally i would prefer someone with a partner but its not a pre-requisite and will not be a major part of my selection process

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buxom sex slave 2

pigpenny's udders tied for further use and abuse
would love to see them/it lactating

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Sudden Unexplained Intrest In Owning A Cow!

Since I've been gone I have developed a interest in huscows. Not a area that held the slightest bit of interest for me before.

Apart from the obvious, ok including the obvious, what is involved?

And what do you "get" out of it?

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looking for hucow slaves to train online

Hi im looking for girls wanting to be trained into hucow milking slaves. If you are interresed in having your tits become big lactating udders contact me.

Master Psalmodis

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Slave/sub wanted for breastplay or hucow training

I am looking for a female slave/submissive for online-only training. Training will involve breastplay and if circumstances permit, lactation. Willingness to be a hucow preferred but those just into breastplay are welcome to apply.

Must have webcam.

Breasts must be supple enough that slave/sub can easily suck on her own nipples for extended periods of time since this will be an integral part of the training.

Training is to occur during weekday mornings or afternoons.

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I need a Women (bottom) to play online with!

Hi everybody.
Although i am married to the sub you can see in my Profile,
i am in need of a online bottom (not neccessarily a slave) who likes to do self torture, specially of the tits and, if she is fat, on the Belly.
As my Wife does not like needles, nails and skewers, i do not want to force her into that. I have her "permission" to live this fetish out online. So i am in search for a long term online Bottom, willing to follow commands on cam and willing to increase the painlevel over time.

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My wife, the Bondagemoppel, getting ready to Press her tits for me 04

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iwantafatsub's picture

My wife, the Bondagemoppel, getting ready to Press her tits for me 03

Full text available to premium subscribers only

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