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Induced Lactation

I have been asked more than once if induced lactation without getting preggo is possible. Some people claim those who speak of such success are full of shit. I decided to help you aspiring hucow and hucow Masters get that milk flowing.

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The Moo Chronicles

My Master has seen inside me, has seen what I am, and what I am capable of becoming. He is going to bring me down to my essentials, to that female animal that lives inside me. I am to become what He wishes me to be.

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Instantly Wet

When I tie my huge round tits up nice and tight so the skin is taut and my nipples tingle...
When I put the biggest suction cups I have found on my rosy pink nipples and squeeze them, one after the other in rhythm like I'm being milked...
When I put on the darkest red lipstick I can find and slide my lips across each other, imagining the warm musky stiff cock sliding between them...
When I put on fishnet stockings and slide them up over my rump, feeling them caress my skin like a man's hands...

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Chopstix Nips

When Master mentioned chopsticks to me I was so excited. I really wanted to see what they felt like. I used the rubber bands to get the chopsticks really tight. Once I got them on my nipples I savored the initial bite. They became more painful as time went on. They even squeezed a couple of tiny drops of fluid out of my right nipple. Master let me remove them soon after. I am so grateful He let me try something new.

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Nips and tits tied

I love to tie my tits and wanted to make some pretty photos for my Master. Here you can see the black rubber bands on both of my nipples soon after I put them on.

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My best slave ever

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one more...

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One Side Pumping 4

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