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Weights on her pussy

Some weights clamped to her pussy...

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My journal

Tonight Master and one of his friends watched me, I was nervous I admit that, but I enjoyed it. Master had me put clips on my breasts and tie them, he also had me put clips on my cunt lips which was painful but I got used to that. A weight was placed on my cunt clips making them pull which I thought felt good, not so much as painful. I assumed display to show off to Masters friend, then I got into nadu while the clips were placed, I held bracelets for a while just for amusement, as well as display.

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weights on teats

Progress on the amount of weight I can hold on my teats.

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cunt with weights

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How do you stretch cunt lips?

i have five cunt piercings, one clit hood, and two rings on each inner lip. My cunt lips are already thick and full, and it has been suggested to me to stretch them with weights. The photos submitted yesterday have chains with two 4 oz fishing weights on. How do i do weigh them down and stretch them better?

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Weights on pussy

Sorry its a little blurry, moved the weights from tits to pussy to make sure I got my moneys worth

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New weights

Decided to try out the new weights I recieved the other day

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Yacht_Maker's Milk Bags

i can't carry enough weight to honor Yacht_Maker.

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making Master happy with my pain

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Jingle bells

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