wooden pony
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I am a Dominant Male 40,100% Italian,hot and sexy and open minded.I am single with NO [filtered word].
I own a nice home on 2 acres on the east coast close to the shore and beach area.
I am seeking a Submissive SWF 18+ who is slim and attractive,drug and disease free.I am not abusive or domineering as that is NOT dominance.I am firm and strict and very sexual and erotic.
I also have a nice playroom in my home to teach and train you correctly.

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Time for her daily cunt training

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Sarah should ride the pony!

I for one would love to see Sarah riding the wooden pony.

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Personal Slave Required

I require a personal slave for a 24/7 relationship. I am sick and tired of being alone and only `playing`.

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The Pony

This group is created to discuss the aspects of the wooden pony and the uses it can have. From training or punishment to pleasure, the uses are many. I also hope to discuss the variety of wooden ponys and their construction. Lastly, I hope we will get some slaves in here to discuss what they felt while they were forced to endure their pony ride and their Masters take on what they felt while they watched the ride and the suffering slave.

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The Wooden Pony

To trade stories and pictures of riding the Wooden Pony
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swollen lips while riding the pony

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Party fun!

I wanna see what you'll make a slave do at a party for all your friends! my idea of a party favor runs wild. Games and activities could be riding the ponyhorse, pin the donkey, bobbing for all kinds of things, milk the maid, serving the tea seeing how many weights my lips can handle. I dream of the night! Party Hat

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Riding the pony

The slave is tied up, hands upon her back and placed upon a metal pony. She is standing upon her toes and is struggling against the bar.

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The slave accepts her fate

Her hands are tied upon her back, her breasts are bondages and she is placed upon a wooden pony. She can't get anywhere and she accepts her fate. Now she waits for what will happen next...

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