Dirty walk in the woods
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Dirty walk in the woods


 I was told to wear wellington boots a short demin skirt and low cut black top. I felt rediculous but would never question masters choice. I was collared and told to follow master out to the back garden and into the woods which our garden backed onto.It was spring and i was feeling the cold probably more because i had no underwear on as master had instructed. Master told me to sit on a fallen tree with my legs either side i could feel the bark rubbing my pussy.  Master asked how i felt "exposed and imbaressed" i replied.
Master tied my hands behind my back and wondered off to return with some holy leaves. He pulled my low cut top forward and placed the holy leaves down my top. He attached a lead to my collar and told me to stand up.
We walked through the woods each step i took was painful because the holy leaves would stab in my large breasts with each movement. I was trying to take little steps to minimize the pain but I could feel master pulling the leash attached to my collar. The cold kept my nipples hard but I wasn’’t thinking about that balancing wasn’t easy with my hands behind my back. Master told me to hurry up but I was struggling.
stopped and slapped me across the face and reminded me I should keep up with him. He thought I was being disobedient but did he not realize the pain I was feeling. He pulled my low cut top down and the holy leaves fell out. This was such a relief my breasts felt free again. Just as I was relaxing nipple clamps were attached to my nipples. The leash was taken off my collar and attached to the chain on the clamps.
Master began to walk again now I knew I had to keep close because the pain would be too much from the clover clamps on my nipples is the cold brisk air. I felt so exposed trying to balance I kept looking around to make sure no one could see me. I would have been so embarrsesed if anyone had seen. Master stopped walked I almost walked into him because I was so concerned with looking to ensure no one had seen me. He untied my hands as he did this I looked down to see a big muddy puddle before I could even think master had instructed me get on my knees and crawl through the muddy puddle. I wasn’t too worried about the mud but I knew this was going to be cold.
I crawled through quick as possible I could hear master laughing calling me a dirty whore. Once through I was pulled to feet by the pain in the clover clamps. Master wrote on my breasts sex slave this was about the only part of me that didn’t have mud on. He told me to hold a tree with both hands, I could hear him rustling about then whack, ouch he was whipping me with some sticks he had found. I’m not sure what was more pain full the whipping or the pain from the clamps on my nipples. Whipped continued despite my scream I knew not to let go the tree otherwise punishment would be worse.
Whipping over tears strolling down my face and walking continued. My bum was bright red I could feel the warmth from the spanking. Still I was looking to make sure I wasn’t seen. I could feel my bladder was full and needed to pee. “Master I need to pee please.” I was demanded to squat on a tree stump master was watching and laughing, my bladder was hurting but I was so embaresed peeng was hard. Finally relief as pee squirted every where I just wish I could feel the warmth on my legs. It seemed to last forever I almost fell off the tree stump with embrassement.
I stood up and saw two male faces master quickly jumped infront of me and appologised to the men. They quickly said that showing my body like that was indecent exposure. I had already covered my breasts with my hands but it was too late the words sex slave had already been seen. The men asked master if they could fuck me or they would report my indecent exposure to the police. Master quickly agreed and bent me over a fallen tree. He hitched my skirt up and asked who wants to go first. Master spread my legs to ensure easy entry. I felt so ashamed but the first man slid his cock in it felt so warm but the nice feeling soon left me as he banged in and out of me the bark was grazing the skin on my thighs. Master had his hand on my neck so I couldn’t stand upright. The first man came quickly I was glad but could feel his cum running down my leg. The second man said I don’t want to fuck that used hole filled with cum I want to use a fresh one.
The second man rubbed my pussy and used the cum to lube my bum. I was scared my bum ad been rarely  used he rammed his cock in my bum with no regard I screamed it hurt so much. Master silenced me and forced my head down more. I was squirming trying to get away. The second man kept banging harder saying take that you dirty fucking whore. Your enjoying me banging your ass slut. He pulled his cock out and spunked all in my hair. He wiped his cock on my skirt and shook masters hand.
The two men left and master slapped me so hard across the face. He said I should have enjoying being fucked by two strangers. I didn’t enjoy it but I knew I would not be able to convince master of this. Master made me touch my toes he secured my ankles to my wrists. I knew what was coming another spanking but I hated this position touching my toes hurt my back and there was no getting away from harsh spankings. Master was angry this was going to hurt. I’m sure master did this as hard as he could whack whack I thanked master after each one I knew he liked to be thanked hoping this would make him go easy on me.
My bum was burning burning badly now he untied ankles and left the ties on my wrists and secured them behind my back. The leash was still attached to the clover clamps and master began to drag me home. I was dirty from the mud, spunk dripping out my pussy and bum, bum cheeks were burning from the cannings and I was still worried about people seeing me.

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Re: Dirty walk in the woods

...Uhmmm...you should have been stripped completely naked...the walked home ...with a covering of jeeze and mud dripping from you !......the hosed off outside before entering the house......!

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Re: Dirty walk in the woods

...I love playing in the woods. I could relate mmmmmmmmm

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Wonderful way to take a

Wonderful way to take a slave for a walk in the woods.  It sounds like she was well used during the walk, coming home with cum running out of her two lower holes and her tits, ass, and nips all nice and sore.  Great story.

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slut lover...good little

slut lover...good little slut

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