Milking the wife like a dairy cow
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Milking the wife like a dairy cow

I used to milk my ex wife 1-2 times a day while she was lactating. Here are some proper hand milking tips that I would like to share.

Gravity helps with hand milking. When a lactating women is hand milked while on all fours, allow her breasts to hang down over the collection container. I used a tupperware bowl for this. You can kneel at her side or have her place her hands on the floor or a chair at the end of the bed while lying face down. This will also allow her udders to hang down. Hand milking worked better for us. We had a medela lactina breastpump, but it did not work as well.

Use a thumb over forefinger techinque, milking one breast at a time. You will the foremilk first then the hindmilk last. When her breasts become softer to the touch and milk droplets come out instead of steady streams out of milk ducts, cease milking her. Pour her milk into another container such as a mason jar, using a funnel if necessary. Fridge her milk immediately for later consumption.

I enjoyed keeping a supply of wifes milk for drinking, cooking (pancakes, mashed potatoes) and in coffee.

I milked her just like a dairy cow.
Would love to hear from others who have expierence in this type of breast milking.

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Re: Milking the wife like a dairy cow

I too milked my wife as a dairy cow. In addition to the live my slave at time. I lost both of them in an auto accident and have recently started seeking replacements for them. You are correct about how to hand milk. Pulling down on the teat as you squeeze gave the best results and quickest response, although each of my slaves wished for prolonged event. I modified a table that allowed me to place their necks in a harness and locked their legs spread open. I found that after milking each begged to be used and were very enthusiastic in their performance.


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