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Miss Tat

Miss Tat

I'm a little girl, five foot two, eyes of blue. If I weigh a 100 pounds I feel fat. I've never considered my stature of any real consequence until I was thrown to the floor like a rag doll by what appeared to be an Amazon warrior.

I found myself flat on my back on the floor supplicant as she stood above me with hands on her curvy hips one foot resting on my belly like a big game hunter posing with her conquest. A photographic flash left me with spots in my eyes and searching for and and finding several cameras on tripods that surrounded us. The idea of being photographed like that raised already high levels of anxiety and excitement.

Her name was Tatianna, Miss Tat, and she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Colorful erotic tattoos of men and women bound and dominated festooned her arms and bare midriff. From beneath she looked ten feet tall. Laced up soft leather thigh boots showed off shapely calves and thighs. The two tree trunks of her legs met at a wide strip of black rubber that showed a very discernible and huge camel toe. When she dropped to her knees all I could see was that rubber coated cunt big as my head hovering only millimeters from my face. I could feel the heat and smell the mixture of sweat and rubber. It was clear I was in the presence of great power and I wanted her to exercise that power in my direction no matter what form it might take. More than anything I felt I needed to please this Goddess.

The strobe flashed again just as the tip of my extended tongue touched the hot and slick rubber crotch. I had overstepped my bounds because at my first touch she dropped her cunt covering my mouth, nose and in fact my whole face. “Never touch me without permission.” She stated bluntly and to make her point stayed there until I was wiggling on the floor pinned down by the head. Not until I stopped struggling and surrendered to her power did the Goddess raise her weapon of a cunt and grant me continued life. I knew I didn't deserve her and I accepted my shortcomings and pledged to myself to take every lesson she granted me to heart.

The next time the strobe flashed we were both on the floor. She had been throwing me around like a professional wrestler establishing her physical domination. She had me face down arms at my sides with her athletic legs wrapped around my torso in a scissor lock. She squeezed tight till it felt like my guts were being were being pushed out my ass and up my throat. I could feel the laces and eyelets of her boots make red and white impression in the skin of my back. She threw my skirt up and the strobe flashed again. She traced a fingernail along the border of skin and nylon on the top of my gartered stockings. Goosebumps rose on my legs, she slapped my ass and said, “No panties!? Quite the little slut, aren't we?” I flushed with embarrassment and managed to squeak out, “Yes, Miss.”

She put her hand with fingers splayed on my back. Her big ole paw covered my back from shoulder to shoulder. She pushed forcing me down flat on the ground while raising herself up to her feet. Isn't that how it goes, the dominant raising herself up by pushing the submissive down? She kicked with her pointy toe on my smashed on the ground side boob. I squealed in pain but mostly in surprise. The strobe flashed and a shutter clicked. My squealing made her laugh. She kicked my ribs, hip and thigh and then walked across my back to get to the other side and do the same all while she laughed a bit manically and the camera took picture after picture. That laugh scared me much more than her boots.

She worked her toe under my waist and lifted up flipping me over like a pancake face up. She kicked my legs apart and ground her sole on my aching for attention pussy. I felt like a roach on her kitchen floor an object of disgust only good to have its life thoughtlessly ground out like a cigarette butt. The fact was that no matter how small and insignificant I was made to feel what I felt was totally alive and in the moment.

Instead of grinding out my life Miss Tat gently kicked at my pussy and instructed me to open up my “fuck hole.” How crude! I was suddenly repulsed by my being nothing more than a compliant wet fuck hole for this rude dyke. Nonetheless, I eagerly obeyed and used both hands to pull open my pussy and give Miss an open and inviting target. With my pussy peeled open I felt juice seep out of my vagina and run down over my asshole. Before that I wasn't really thinking that what was going on was sexual. It was! and I was turned on, my vagina was wet and hot and demanding to be filled. She kicked at the bulls eye and her pointy toe found my hole and tried to enter. I yipped out my sharp pain that heightened the excitement. She pulled back and kicked harder. This time my fuck hole accommodated more of her boot. Another harder still and it felt like half her giant foot was ripping into my petite pussy. I burst out in tears from the searing pain. When she twisted her foot from side to side I came like a motherfucker. Pain, ecstasy and shame all flowed together to create the most intense experience of my life. I was lost in a cosmic sexual release. Cameras documented the outward signs and progression of my astral orgasm.

I was sobbing in ecstasy and babbling out nonsense like the snake handlers at a tent revival. Finally, after that eternity, reality crept back in. I wiped my eyes and gazed up at the Amazon that stood astride towering over me. I couldn't see her face because of her mountainous tits that spilled out of her rubber bra. She could easily smother me between her girls. Something to which I would gladly submit if it pleased her. I was awed just to be in her presence. I wanted more. I wanted to love her. Like a fawning puppy I begged to please her. I promised her an eternity of pleasure like I had just experienced. She cruelly laughed at my impudence and naivete. Her mocking laughter crushed me to my very soul and caused my pussy to squirt.

She got on her knees with my head squeezed between her leather covered thighs. Her face huge and round loomed above intimidating as hell. She was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen. Her eyes were so dark that they looked like all pupil, very disquieting and alluring, I could see my reflection in them. She invoked terror. I thought that I loved her.

“Slut,” she started, “Let me explain a few things: I owe you, nothing. . . You don't deserve, anything. . . And you certainly didn't earn the right to touch me in any way. . . I'm not a slut like you giving myself away to anyone and I'm offended that you think I am.” This she stated sternly.

I was humbled and shame engulfed me, I flashed hot and my pussy squeezed out more juice. The camera that pointed at my open pussy snapped a shot. I realized that she was right. I was such a slut that I was excited just by being chastised by her. I reveled in my decadence as an exhibitionist with legs wide open for a camera and as a pain slut taking a monster high heeled thigh boot in my pussy that was wielded by a woman.

I laid there head clamped between her hot thighs as waves of alternating pain and pleasure radiated from my confused pussy. What I thought to myself was, “What would Daddy think?” if he somehow can across these pictures on the internet? With that thought I almost came again on my own. I'm so fucked up.

Miss Tut, released me and we sat facing one another, she softened and spoke in a more conciliatory tone, It sounded like we were done for the day. “We'll see how things go, sweetie, . . I like you. I think you can be trained. . . You have a wonderful hard and tight instrument there. I enjoyed our little introductory play tonight.” She placed her hand fingers splayed on my chest, it stretched from nipple to nipple. She pushed me down while she raised herself up. She looked down on me and said, “I'll send you a copy of any of the pictures that I like.” and winked. Then she got serious, “Think about what you really want. . . Call me if you decide you want to continue.”

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