Nipple torture ideas
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Nipple torture ideas

Re: Self tit torture

Hi everyone I'm new here but kinda in the same boat. I am looking for nipple torture ideas. I would like to be an on-line sub. but haven't got a clue as to how to do it. I'm married but this is a secret to my husband, and i'm also pregnant so my tits are huge and swollen and my nipples are extremely sensitive. I have always had large sensitive nipples but now that i'm pregnant WOW any little thing that touches them and i'm ready to "explode" I need it all the time. Can anyone help me torture them, as I said, I would like to be a submissive and have them tortured all day!

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Re: Nipple torture ideas

Well misst, it ain't that difficult. Wind sewing thread around the nipples for example, only allowed to remove them just for short interruptions. Or combine it even with pieces of sandpaper in your bra. Just two examples you can easily show here!

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