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The wife has been engaging in small acts of insubordination that are becoming more frequent. Nothing serious but it has not gone unnoticed. Recently, I've been making greater than usual demands on her as a sub. I tend to get obsessive and I'm probably wearing a little thin on her sexually and emotionally. She is more than I ever dreamed I might have in a life partner. I love her completely. I figure I owe her a thank-you. A break from my relentless domineering demeaning and infliction of pain. Let her have some fun on her terms.

I announce at dinner that I have something special planned, She gives me a quizzical expression but doesn't comment. After dinner I take her hand and lead her off. She doesn't say anything or object but in her passive/aggressive way is purposefully lagging. I gently insist and of course she complies. Inside the playroom I stop her in front of her gift for the night, Dick. I sit in a chair to the side, “This is Dick,” I tell her from my seat.

He extends a spandex covered hand to shake. He is encased in a black second skin body suit toes to head. Holes are cut allowing access to mouth, cock and ass, “I'll be your toy tonight, Ma'am. You can do with me as you will.”

She seems confused and is trying to process what is going on. He produces a pink plastic strapon with 12 inches of a pink plastic cock attached, shows it to her, winks, drops to his knees in front, pulls off her panties and coaxes her into the contraption. He meticulously makes sure everything is seated and set while running his hands freely over her ass, pussy and thighs. She throws her head back, mouth open, breathing hard and grabs the sides of his head and jams the pink dick into his waiting mouth. She keeps a hold of his head as she humps his face like she was born with that dick all while screaming her pleasure.

He is taking it like a man whore, making wet noises, his own cock standing straight out over a foot. She lets go with one hand and reaches behind finding her crack and pressing a finger on her vag until it pops in to the knuckle. She lets out a shocked gasp. Now, she is on a mission. She is coordinating her backward masturbation with the facefucking of Dick. They look awkward but it seems to be working for her. After a prolonged and furious humping she's breathing hard, her neck and chest glows red, she finally forces the pink cock down Dick's throat while screaming out her devotion to a higher power.

Several variations and positions of this happens without a break until she throws his head away as if suddenly disgusted by it and kicks at the spandex heap on the floor at her feet until he scoots away like a whipped dog. She chases after him grabs his head with both hands and drags him over to a heavy wooden bondage table, bends him over and straps down his outstretched arms, his legs are apart with ankles strapped to the table legs. That erect horse cock of his is pointing straight down. She ties off the head of his cock with a rawhide string and ties the other end to a ring on the floor below. He's not going anywhere.

She is feeling powerful and in charge She turns to me and tells me to, “Come over here and fuck me in the ass while I sodomize Dick.” With that she slaps Dick's exposed and hairy ass, dips into her cunt, lubes up the pink dildo and without any warning jams the cock into Dick's ass. He cries out. The first we've heard from him.

I'm behind them both, I didn't think I was going to be a participant but my cock is ready from the spectacle of the wife releasing her inner Dom on that poor pile of anonymous lycra. I bend her over a bit, tap her pussy for lube and before I can get it all the way in she is already squirming. Her muscles are taut and asshole is pulsing in time with her jagged shrieks.

Soon she begins grinding slowly on Dick's ass her rectum still spasming in waves. I can feel the heat coming from her as she turns all shades of red and pink. She cums like a whore, over and over. Amazing. I work in unison with her, slow and grinding at first and then more rhythmic. My speed increases, her ass clamps down on my cock and I'm past the point of no return. I turn loose and pound away until in a blinding fit, I cum! ! ! and cum! ! ! and cum! Filling her colon with more jizz with each thrust. I collapse on top of her making a sandwich of the three of us. We are gasping and sweating and moaning and groaning. All three of us are fit together like pieces in a jigsaw. Dick in ass and dick in ass. The wife and I find ourselves standing in a pool of Dick's cum on the floor below.

I finally pull out and so does she. She spins around slapping her cock against my leg and gives me a big wet tongue kiss, breaks off and breathes out, “Oh, Thank You, Sweetheart! What a wonderful gift!”

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