The Wife Gets Fucked Up in Public
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The Wife Gets Fucked Up in Public

The Wife Gets Fucked Up in Public

The thing came by messenger. A pink key card imprinted with a red graphic of a whip and a pair of handcuffs. Classy. On the back is a sticky note with an unsigned handwritten invitation.

The venue is on Riverside down by the docks. Just a door in a brick wall between a plumbing supply company and a wholesale florist. Faded numbers are hand painted on the frame. The Uber drops me off at the same time as a limo arrives. A couple steps out of the limo, looking like they don't belong down here by the river. He is regal and gray, wearing a tux. She, very much his junior, is tall, slight and blond wearing only a full corset with garter straps and stockings. I've never seen anything like it outside the internet or Vogue.

We meet at the door, I'm feeling a little under dressed. He swipes his card and a small light turns from red to green. He catches me eyeing his companion and says, “Darva is sexy, no?” he gives me a wink and says conspiratorially “I'm told there is a new diva tonight. Much excitement in the air.” I nod and give a nervous laugh because I have no idea what he's talking about.

Inside is a small theater. A raised lit stage with several rows of leather arcing couches face it. The bar on the side is manned by twin, bare breasted women pouring drinks. People, male and female, are dressed or partially dressed in leather and lace and latex. A tit is being sucked here, a cock sucked there. Sex in one way or another is happening all over the place. I'm shocked. I never really thought orgies actually existed in the real world. You know, just the stuff of fantasy and porn films.

I've got my drink and I'm ready to explore, but the lights flash so I wander over and sit down on the first row of couches. The couple from the front door sit down, she next me. They are no sooner seated than she gets to work unbuttoning his tux pants and greedily retrieving his cock. This time it is she that catches me gawking. She waves her free hand at me and say's with a welcoming smile and in some sort of exotic Eastern European accent, “I'd love to do you too. I'm ambidextrous, I can do both at once.”

I'm momentarily stunned and embarrassed. I can feel my face flush red and warm, I blurt out, “I'm married.”

“That's nice.” She giggles, pats me on the knee, shrugs her shoulders and runs a long red nail up the inside of my thigh raising goose bumps and something else. She taps the nail on the straining bulge in my pants, withdraws and turns her full attention back to her companion.

I am crushed and feeling stupid. I'm sure I wasn't invited to an orgy to be a wallflower. Before I could embarrasses myself in front of this lingerie clad goddess again a spotlight flashes on and follows a man in a white lab coat pushing a gynecological examining table out on the stage. Following him is another man in a white smock with a gunny sack that that looks to contain a human slung over his shoulder. He stands the sack up in front of he doctor and steps back folds his arms and gives silent witness.

My stockinged Slovenian neighbor must have sensed my regrets because as we all watch the show her free hand finds its way back in my lap and is working to unzip and get a grip. She does this while deftly stroking her companion with the other. A maestro of cocks! Fidelity to my marriage vows falls victim to wanton curiosity and a svelte slut in a corset.

The contents of the burlap sack is revealed. I'm stunned. It's my wife! Of course it is! The fucking whore! She is naked save a leather collar. She looks great on stage. Those tits amazing plump and firm with nipples standing at attention and that low slung ass, wow! She steps out of the bag and slowly pirouettes while she peers out into the audience until she finds me.

There I am in plain view getting a handi from a skinny whore. I'm mortified. Literally caught by the wife with my pants down and my dick out. I'm also in shock that my wife is the star of a live BDSM show in an underground sex club. She gives me a playful wink before taking her position on the table where the doctor uses leather straps to attach her to the table restraining arms to her sides, Thighs and calves are strapped down and feet rest in stirrups, legs are forced open wide, her shaved glistening pussy is on full display.

My dick gets an attention getting squeeze, “You know her, the diva?”

“My wife.” I answer without irony.

“She's beautiful and those tits. I wish I had those tits.”

“No you don't. Your tits are perfect with your long waist and hard abs. Those tits would be way too much. You are perfect as you are.” This pleases her.

The tux man has blown his wad and pushed her away and left to get a drink so she turns all her attention on me. Focused on my cock and balls she is using both hands to stroke, squeeze, tease, while unloading her personal problems on me. “My ex-husband said he was good with me being a whore. But, really he wasn't. God bless him he tried but, he just couldn't take it. I don't really blame him. It is hard to maintain a relationship in this industry. I envy you two.”

I'm watching the wife on stage getting her cunt opened with a speculum and listening to Taxi Cab Confessions from the whore next to me while her talented fingers are doing amazing things to my package.

Up on stage the wife is whipped, fucked in the ass and vag by doctors, nurses and implements until it crescendos into a screaming writhing orgasm to which many in the audience join in. An announcement is made that the performance part of the show is over and, as is the tradition, the the diva is now available to any and all for use.

I take the whore's hand nod toward the stage and ask, “Wanna fuck on her?”

Through a mischievous grin she excitedly says, “Yes, truly I would.”

We jump up on the stage and over to the wife who is strapped to the examining table. There is already a fat sweaty man lapping her pussy like a dog. She is moaning and huffing out her pleasure. The whore pulls a lever on the side of the padded table and the last section supporting the diva's head falls back. The wife looks up and recognizes me and smiles broadly. A proud libertine.

The whore turns her back to me and slings a leg over the head of the wife like she's mounting a Harley bends over and grabs the wife's waist then shakes her ass at me and demands, “Fuck Me!”

“Yes Ma'am!” Moving close I observe out loud, “That ass! High and tight. That's a marriage busting ass if I've ever seen one!”

The whore has the type of body, skinny, small tits, high waist and long legs that touches an exposed nerve of perceived inadequacy in the wife. The whore is something that no matter how hard she tries she will never be able to be. She's threatened and fearful and I'm excited at the prospect of exploiting her fears.

My ballsack drags across her face from top to bottom as I enter the whore from behind. Fully inside my balls rest on her chin. She opens her mouth and in they drop. Tea bagging the wife while fucking a whore, who the fuck am I? Thinking through the morality of the situation will have to wait. My balls which are jerking up and down on the wife's face as I hump the whore are about to burst. And burst they do when they fall into her mouth and she chomps down while the whore kegels my buried cock.

It hurts like hell, I scream out. I'm shocked but I'm beyond the point of no return and with the biting and the flash of anger I cum with a mixture of bliss, sharp pain and emotional confusion. I'm screaming out and jabbing my cock into the whore because the wife still has my spasming balls trapped in her mouth. The whore lies flat on my wife, her well trained cunthole milks my cock of every drop.

I extricate myself from the wife's mouth and out of the whore. Her cunt lets go with a juicy queef followed by the ejection of a long string of my cum and whatever else she keeps in there. The mixture sprays and drips down on the wife's gasping face. I'm finished with her but there is still a freak sucking on her her pussy. A diva's work is never done.

The whore is finished with me and moves on. I sit back down on the couch and watch as more random people male and female use and abuse the wife. She screams out orgasms, she counts out loud the lashes of a whip. At other times she lies like a cold fish and absorbs her tormentor's released demons, a mere receptacle, like a toilet or a barf bag.

A woman with a dildo strapped to her head is furiously fucking away between the wife's stirruped legs, she looks over at me with a cum caked face that softens and glows with love.

She finds me this time with my hand around my cock. There is something about that dick-faced woman bobbing away with her head that has me going. We lock our gaze and stay engaged, I synchronize my strokes with the movement of dickface's head. The wife's breaths become short. The three of us are in synch, a team working toward the same goal. We find the vibrating harmony that connects us and on cue we experience a communal astral orgasm.

God, I love that woman.

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Re: The Wife Gets Fucked Up in Public

Damn, that was hot.
Very well written.

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Re: The Wife Gets Fucked Up in Public

Wow, you have a fantasy. It's time to write a book

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