how to become a milk-cow
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how to become a milk-cow

one of my pets wishes to become a milk-cow.

now someone told me, there is a medical way, to make her udders produce.

does anybody know about these pills?

may anybody share experience on this topic?

are there natural methods (except of pregnancy of course)?

thanks to all for your help

Master Marlin 

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i think the  best way is let her have a baby, so  you have two slaves .

are you mentally ill?
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i think the  best way is let her have a baby, so  you have two slaves .
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Inducing Lactation...
I am glad to see that you are interested in doing "induced lactation" on your female slave! Inducing lactation is a great way to increase your slaves tits, to make them a bigger size, as well as them being much fuller and much heavier. I did forced lactation on my female slave a few years ago, and she went from an all natural 36C to a 40C!!! It was fun to torture her tits by squeezing them, slapping them, etc, etc. and seeing the milk leak out, not to mention me forcing her to fill a glass with her own titmilk so that I could make her drink it! There is ALOT of information on the internet for you, about inducing lactation. Just go to either or and do a search for "Induced Lactation" or "Inducing Lactation" and you will see that there is alot to read about!!! Here is what I did to my female slave who was going through her tit training. I made her do "forced milking". To help her with her tit milking I went to a healthfood/vitaman store and bought something called "Domperidone" pills/tablets and had her take these throughout the day. These are pills that help women who want to breastfeed induce lactation. After her milk came in, I had her start taking "Fenugreek" tablets ( also available at healthfood/vitamin stores ), which helps INCREASE the milk supply after it comes in. I rented her a "Medela Dual Breast Pump" and had her pump her tits 20 minutes at a time, 3-4 times daily, so that she was fully lactating and could fill a glass with her own titmilk, so that I could make her drink it! Other more natural ways and methods of helping to Induce Lactation is taking "Blessed Thistle" ( NOT Milk Thistle ), as well as taking "Marshmallow Root". Also drinking "Mothers Milk Tea" is said to work WONDERS by many women who have Induced Lactation. Drinking lots of water helps. Eating "Oatmeal", "Pineapple", and even drinking "Henry Weinhart's Root Beer" will also help. Apparently, eating "Dates" is VERY GOOD for the MER ( Milk Ejection Reflex ), since they contain large amounts of Oxytocin, the chemical responsible for allowing milk to flow. "Dates" can be purchased at larger supermarkets in the dried fruit section for less than $3 dollars. They take about 45 min to work, after digestion. I read an article from a woman who was trying to Induce Lactation and had consumed 4 oz. of dates, and she stated that she was able to lactate shortly afterwards. Her quote on using "Dates" to help her lactate was "It works, believe me!". But the big thing that is the real factor in inducing lactation, is the breast pumping! You have to make sure to have her tits pumped every 3-4 hours, for about 20 minutes at a time, with a HOSPITAL GRADE Breast Pump like the "Medela Lactina Double Pump". Here are some links: Medela Hospital Grade Breastpumps: Medela BreastPumps: The lightweight pumps available at most department or drug stores will NOT do the job of Inducing Lactation. The Lactina is $700-900 to buy, so I rented it from a lactation specialist in my area for about 6 months for like $30-40 dollars a month. I hope this helps!! Let me know?? Mistress Kelly
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lactation techniques that work

This link has just about everything you need to know about inducing lactation in a non-pregnant female.  There are two drugs when taken together and used along with a set schedule of pumping that produce milk in about 2 months.

It is important to follow the schedule and use an electric pump.  Manual pumping doesn't usually give the desired results. Add plenty of persistence and patience and you should be fine. Good luck!

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how to become a milk-cow

I thank you all for your interest and your high-quality posts. I am sure, they will help me further....

Master Marlin 

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Master Marlin

Though I have no practical knowledge about any of this, because of something that was written in another thread here in SlaveFarm, I became interested in “Induced Lactation” and so have been looking up info "on line" about the whole process.

As follows please find a link to a site which I found Very Informative, and it includes MORE links.
I hope this might possibly be of benefit to you Sir.

Please scroll down to:
> Lactation, re-lactation and induced lactation <

….. milk production can be "artificially" and intentionally induced in the absence of any pregnancy in the woman.

This is called induced lactation, while a woman who has lactated before and re-starts is said to relactate.
This can be done by regularly sucking on the nipples (several times a day), massaging/squeezing the female breasts or with additional help from temporary use of milk-inducing drugs, such as the Dopamine antagonist Domperidone

In principle – with considerable patience and perseverance – it is possible to induce lactation by sucking on the nipples alone.

~ curious ~

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i would like to no the tables or injection to use as my slave would love to become a milk cow
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Milk maid
if you email me off site I will give you the whole run down on the milk production and the drugs needed to induce lactation
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Use a breast pump and/or massage her boobs daily and after a while she will start to lactate. Another poss. is to get the right medication. Another rather bad solution would be to give her a few injections with the right fluid and she will almost immediatly get a bigger breast and start lactating.


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