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needle play

Im looking at trying needle play and was wondering how safe it is. I have found some medical sercical needles to use are these safe to use. I was looking at pushing the needles from my partners nipples and pussy lips. she also wants to try it on me as well and wants to push them through my ball sack, my cock head, down the length of my cock and push them into the cheeks of my arse. what should i consider before trying these things

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First, go into the next pharmacy and buy sterile one way needles for injections.

They have different diameter and lenghts, so chose the ones u want to try out.

Use sterile rubber gloves and a skin desinfectant u can buy also in the pharmacy.

Use the spray on the parts u want to pierce.

Be sure NOT to stick the needles towards the body but across, so do not push a needle into the breast nipples but across them.

When piercing ur scrotum, be sure NOT to hit ur balls.

And I think she wants to slide a needle alongside of ur penis beneath the skin and not pushing it into ur urethra.

Do not try to pierce the tip or the skin on the top, cause it might bleed like hell and in worst case ur spongy body of the penis might get punctured !

Just penetrate the upper skin and u should be on the safe side.

Enjoy ur experiences ;-)


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Any type of play that involves the urethra should be approached with caution. Especially urethra play that involves sharp, pointy objects. A little known fact: The male urethra is softer and often more curvy than the female urethra making it more susceptible to puncture wounds. I'm not saying "Oh god! Don't do it!" Just that if you're going to play with a urethra, I would suggest starting with something a little less... dangerous, such as sounds, and then work up to something like a needle. 

As for the needle play in general, the advice you've gotten is pretty sound (pun optional). Make sure the needles are sterile, avoid major veins and/or arteries, use the needles once and then throw them away, use latex or rubber gloves, etc. I'd also suggest making sure you start with needles made for humans and not animals. I read somewhere that the needles made for animals are somewhat duller than the needles for humans. Duller == more pain, I'd imagine. It sounds like a silly bit of advice, but a friend of mine uses animal needles most of the time (living close to a tack shop) and had no idea that human needles were sharper until she bought human needles.


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needle play

Here is a good link for needle play kits.  They are reasonably priced.  There are 3 kits to choose from from a starter kit to an advanced kit.  It comes with everything you need for needle play, antiseptic to corks for extended wear.


Lifes a bitch....Tie her ass up.


Lifes a bitch....Tie her ass up.

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Needle Play

I have been doing needle play as part of my repertoire of needles and electricity and the best thing I can say it is fantastic if your looking to get sensation torture accomplished rather than just th same ole flogging and whipping. BUT DO SO CAREFULLY! ALWAYS use rubber gloves. ALWAYS use needles once then discard.

There is nothing more erotic to me then sewing a pussy shut and sending the slave off to work. Give it a try! It's not for everyone. And many slaves need to be worked up to that point.

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He's right about the cock head! i had a Mistress who had me tied up and gagged. As soon as the needle pierced the skin i yelled so loud through the gag that She backed off immediately. i've never tried it since.
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If the needles are sterile go for it. I clean the area I intend to stick with alochol. You both will bleed but the worst will be your cock head. And trust me it does hurt.The ball sac and nipples and cunt lips and ass will be nothing compared to what awaits your cock head.

Bill 55 AKA The Happy Sadist

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i have seen one push a needle through his cock head.. it was rather hot.. minimal bleeding.. just went through the spongy part.. do not push through your urethra!  i am not experienced in needle play but i do know that it is a risky/potentially dangerous thing to do
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for yourself : a ballgag......she may manage without.... Sealed

But as to procedure/safety......there will be others far more qualified than this one to advise you.

Hopefully someone will give you some details. 

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