self punishment ideas
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self punishment ideas
im a man who like self punishment and masturbation does anybody have any ideas on ways i can punish myself through masturbation and pain also things that would be gross during masturbation
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Here are a few suggestions 1, push a cotton bud half way down your pee hole and masterbate with it inside. Then progress to 2 cotton buds pushed in your pee hole.carry on doing this and see how many cotton buds you can have sticking out of your pee hole until you cum. 2, masterbate with stinging nettles wrapped around your cock. also have stinging nettles all over your balls and push some up your arse hole. (I tried this once. I pushed the nettles up my arse using a dildo.) you can also rub some nettles over your nipples and put some in your mouth. 3,If you like anal play use a dildo with sand paper tapped to it. its up to you how rough the paper is.( i tried this and pushed it in and out of my arse until i cum.). also push different size objects, or multipul dildos up your arse while you masterbate. ( i once had 2 dildos and 2 sets of anal beads up my arse.) 4, give your self an enema and hold the water inside you while you masterbate.When you cum empty the water from inside you. You could also try pissing on yourself while you masterbate. Making sure it sprays your face and goes in your mouth.any which goes in your mouth you must swallow. 5, if you like pain tie your balls up really tight with rope. put clothes pegs on your balls. push needles through your foreskin and down the shaft of your cock. pour hot candle wax all over your cock and pee hole.
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