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slave tasks

as an online master i was wondering if anyone has any good ideas as to what tasks to set a slave? bearing in mind its pictures being sent.

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Re: slave tasks

your topic peaked my intrest, I come here to do research for my training of my slave.
I too right now am a online master to my slave, However that is changeing slowly. Over the past year or so Tasks have been assigned, like homework.
I like to give my slave tasks that will meke her think, such as listing her goals, what she likes about herself and dislikes. I get into a lot of phycology with her. Makeing her strip on camera or choseing what she will wear for that day is also an option. when she wants to buy a new bathing suit for example, she has to have me approve it before she can buy it. If she is willing, there are a lot of tasks that can be completed if she is willing to do them. My slave complets her homework and we utilize a webcame for disapline. when punishment is needed at this time she spanks her self on camera till I tell her she can stop. Its a very Unique way to start out with a slave. by allowing her to choose to take responsibity for her actions, or face my displine when we meet a couple times a year. we also utalize a points system, points are racked up or released my doing what she is asked to do. Some might say this is a weird way to do things, However it works for us for now. You see I am a long haul driver and she is a stay at home slave who is deaf. With this type of obstacles, our relationship is challanged. she knows what I expect and she has chosen to give the gift of her submission.
There are times when I need to moviate her to complete the tasks, other times she is good, either way its working for us. I hope this helps.
Master Harte

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