19 year old submissive looking for something.
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19 year old submissive looking for something.


For as long as I can remember I have been submissive and that includes before I was even conscious of the word or the lifestyle which I have entered in to. For the past two years I have been exploring and learning about the world of BDSM, discovering my likes and dislikes and searching for a man who related to them. I am not yet sure what it is that I desire from a Master, I know I wish to learn from him and be moulded by him in order to gain a greater knowledge. I am a loyal and respectable woman and I know I would be the same when entering into a relationship with my Master. I would expect him to be understanding, caring, knowledgable and willing to teach me.I have no preference to who may contact me as long as they are serious and will benefit me rather than setting me back. I rarely use this website so if you wish to contact me please email me at iamatyourserviceSir@gmail.com I look forward to talking to all you potential Masters soon.

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Re: 19 year old submissive looking for something.

Hi, I am looking for a slave I would like to train and teach disapline, obediance and how to look after a master. I live in Cornwall, UK, where do you live in the UK? I own my own home and would expect you to look after it for me. I will contact you by email.

Bob xx

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