Looking for a serious slave girl, maybe for some bimbofication
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Looking for a serious slave girl, maybe for some bimbofication

Who am I?

I'm Brian, I'm new to this site but I've been a online dom for about 4 years now, I haven't had the pleasure of having a slave irl. I've had many different kinds of slaves both short and long term, noteworthy was a 24/7 pain/lifestyle slut. Bimbofication of a regular girl (that was fun), a few girls that was into light bodymodifications and hardcore ass training.

What am I seeking?

I am seeking a slave/sub I dont really care about age as long as the girl is enthusiastic. I'm mostly interrested in long term but I also do short term, I'm also into shemale/sissies but I'm very picky about how they look.
I do both online and offline play, but you must be able to take pics if you can make videos that would be even better.
You must prove that you are real, and dont come with excuses about your camera not working.
You must be obediant, if not you will get a punishment. And no I wont make you do extreme stuff(unless we agree on this first) I will however try to push you a little out of your limits just to make it a little more exciting for you.
Everything will be private and we start with a talk about what you want.

What do i like?

I'm honestly fairly open try new things so I'm open to suggestions and new ideas. But some of the stuff I've really enjoyed until now is bimbofication, anal training, self-pain, Orgasm control/denial, giving tasks and making rules.
I'ts also really fun to choose what sub need to wear, how her hair should look and makeup.
I've always wanted to have a 24/7 slave where I control as much as possible in her life.

If you want to contact me. Pm me, or my kik is strakenn

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Re: Looking for a serious slave girl, maybe for some ...

I guess you have a reading disability because the forum rules clearly says that this section is ONLY for submissives seeking. Either you cant read, or you dont care. Both are very unpleasant traits.





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