31M Dom looking for Female Sub for Online LTR
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31M Dom looking for Female Sub for Online LTR

I’m here seeking a long-term submissive/slave non-monogamous Female Slave for online submission.

My beliefs as a Dom/Master:
I believe a sub is a master responsibility to take care of their both physical and emotional needs.
I believe a good Master is deeply respected and trusted absolutely because of the unconditional love and acceptance he gives to her. Which comes with time and building this trust over time.
A Master does not abuse a sub or disrespect a subs desires, rather he guides them to fulfillment by his will.

I fall somewhere between Dom and Master on the scale. I believe in limits and safe words, but I think I like more of a dynamic outside the bedroom than the average Dom. I crave control and am happy to take whatever a submissive will cede. I have a bit of Daddy in me, give praise when my sub is a good girl, and I often like to be in a mentoring role. I value kindness, loyalty, and a bit of playfulness.I can work around most limits if someone is willing to explore.

I am not just a “kinkster”, or merely looking for sex. I have a legit need for power exchange and find when I do not have a submissive, my life feels incomplete. I want both my sub and me to feel be respected, adored, and showered with all the attention you need.

If you feel we’d enjoy each other, reach out to me @kik:crazythatur or email/message.

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