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Cruel N extreme

This profile will only apply to a select few, those that it does will possibly know it very soon after starting to read it.


 Are you looking for more than a dom sub relationship or soft core slave role, do you want to have your everything taken and your life to be totally out of your control, treated in the most punishing ways, used in the cruellest ways, degraded until you feel your beyond value… and then some. 

Not to meet another dom that develops feelings and love for you and can no longer use, hurt you or show you the extreme treatment that you so desire and long for. 

To be kept as animal or object without a ounce of human trace, you mind moulded to think only of being of use, devout of even any desire for humanity to be show for you.

To have all trace of everyday worlds, thinking, decision and responsibility removed forever that they feel like an alien concept.

Modified in to being used as toy to be played with, no limit to endless scarification and BME type changes making you of little use or desire to anyone but your owner. 

Taken further and further in an endless imagination of unlimitless cruel and punishing predicament and sadistic practices.

Purposely pushed way beyond any breaking point of the mind crushing all remnants of feeling sane, in control or concept of what normality is. 

To never feel the norm of: boring, unpushed or regular everyday use that makes you feel so unalive. More in never knowing what twisted, breaking, pushing, new treatment, physical abuse, bizarre scenario or sick games you're going to be subjected at any moment day or night. 


This can be a set period of your life you want to experience but if you are the sort of person that this rings so true of your wanton desires then you will more likely be wanting to take this type of position up in a total TPE 24/7 giving of your mind and body without any desire to return, quite possibility with the want that it’s made sure you cant.

 Requirements, so no I wont add you to any messenger, no I don't want your email address. If you are overseas then I see it as unlikely you will relocate (but if your serious then by all means convince me) Gender Female or TS but no guys in panties !. Age under 35, any origin, size and shape immaterial as what you will become will change. 



Areas for sure to be subjected to

In a role varying between, animal, toy/ object / freak / sadists guinea pig

Bondage, beating, physical abuse, Beatings, mummification, violence

Modification to the senses and limb movement, sleep deprivation

Sexual use abuse - group use Wax, clamps, FF TT, bastinado, Water torture, electro, burns, damage, perm marks

Animals Water torture, electroMedical play, Cutting, needles, blood play

,Mental bondage/torture/torment Brands, tattoo’s

 Piercing, ALL of what is covered by BME, stretching, implants.

DegradationHumiliationMind play / change, mental bondage, pow activities, drug and altered mental states

Public exposure / useToy,  guinea  pig, sadists play thing, object and objectification

Encapsulation, restrain, captivity, institutionalised. Incl scenes lasting multiple months

.Little or no regard to your feelings, likes dislikes, state of mind, so long as you are of use then any thing else becomes immaterial and without consideration.  

First please be serious, this is a real position with a safe sane (in so far as I'm no crazed murderer) and experienced master, been in bdsm all my life, many subs, fully adequate quarters, with out buildings, closed in gardens, many local farms, two very well stocked dungeons, able to accommodate long term slave housing and ample funds. 

So I thought I’d leave this to the end so I can see if profile has even been read !In your email please write the second word of this profile three times as the very first words so I can tell you have read this far.

Include what elements of my profile you most relate to? Any that you have issue with? what type of situation you look for, what are the criteria does it have to have ? Also please be realistic in if you would like to take the role how your plans go for things like family, job and home would work.

What is your exposure to bdsm and this type of role, self harm, self bondage, previous bdsm relationships. If you know why you have a strong desire for this type of role please do include.

There is little no no chance of you shocking or scaring me as you may have guessed, I have only interest for those that like the extreme. I have no limits on how long or soon a position could be taken up, the delays are usually clearing up your life behind you, note on mine, I also have two vacancies so twins would be used full lol  

My requirements before I could make this a reality for you is just to understand your perspective, mind set and be sure it is what you want, is the right level and thus totally consensual. No reservations or issues what so ever about long term owning a slave in full time mode.When you email please keep it factual, I never answer the ‘tell me what you’d do to me’ and ‘what will happen when I arrive etc’ 

This is VERY much a consensual position,  bdsm as something that is in people vs the 3000$ Russian sub girls who don’t want to be here for the right reasons.. I do a consensual form of bdsm based on underlining desire to be entering into a role with a known sadistic cruel master giving your consent to have every part of you physically and mentally  removed from your control, you must have a very very real desire to be treated in the manors and practises listed. In email I just need you to write enough to assure me you are genuine, know you want it 100% and will be able to or want to take things that bit further then quite considerably that bit more ! 

I expect by now you have identified that I have a strong desire for what I do, have a hatred of the norm, the boring and the regular play. I am a true sadist and I have a vivid imagination when coming up with new scenarios and uses for slaves.

It will I'm sure be someone that has the same desires to push further, go new places and live life more on the edge with a hate of the normal and current life that will be perfectly suited to take this type of position.


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