Evil Minded but Caring Sir Seeking an Open Minded Submissive for Online chats, Training and Use
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Evil Minded but Caring Sir Seeking an Open Minded Submissive for Online chats, Training and Use

I am a 38 year old Dominant male from Australia who comes on here every now and again seeking out a new female submissive who can service his various needs. Please note this is an online only interaction and i have no interest in meeting irl.
Sir is married and his wife is his submissive. She consents to his use of other females online and knows he does not seek out their services outside of online activities. While i only come on every now and again, i am looking for a long term slave, not a one time session
Sir and sub-wife are both highly educated and Sir requires the same in his submissive. Sometimes he might just require a chat or quick advice so he expects you to be able to hold up a conversation and participate in discussions with him on a variety of topics, not necessarily all of a sexual nature. Your actual education level is not of importance, moreso your actual ability to maintain a conversation in more than 2 word sentences
Sir works from home and therefore is available most of the day and night for sub should she need him for anything. While he would prefer someone who is available during his daytime hours, it is not a necessity and can be discussed further should you think you have the potential to be of service.
In the title Sir refers to himself as Evil. Please do not miscontrue this as sadistic. I enjoy inflicting pain on my submissves, am highly experienced online and off, am very safe and do not treat this as a joke. I will not ask you to do anything that could end up in severe pain, based purely on the notion that i am not there to gauge your levels of pain, nor am i there to assist you should anything go wrong.
I expect nothing but the utmost of obedience from my submissive. Once her limits have been discussed, i expect anything within them to be performed or acted upon without question. The disgust or embarrassment in your face is half of the arousal for Sir, so any levels of disobedience usually results in punishments to push you past your limits within reason. I expect prompt replies. I dont have the time to waste waiting 2 mins for you to reply to every question. If you want to serve you shal give Sir your full attention when speaking with him and shall reply immediately, again within reason
I treat my subsmissives with the highest levels of respect in relation to their postion sexually within the interaction. Sub/Som is a 2 way street otherwise you are simply an object for me to destroy without question. I expect obedienc, stubborness and someone with a mind of their own despite their submissive tendencies
Ok enough of the boring stuff. I dont want to go on and on, that can wait for the right sub. I am going to give a list of what i would call my interests as well as some pre-requisites, just so we dont waste each others time

- Breast tying, manipulation and light pain, including nipple tying, pegs, clamps, bands
- Anal training from completely inexperienced subs through to figging for the more hardcore
- Orgasm denial and edging
- Humiliation, degradation including name calling, weight shaming etc
- Spanking, caning, light choking
I have been told by my other subs that i am incredibly creative and have a way with words
I have assisted many subs with weight loss and am more than happy to do so again. I enjoy the control as well as the results and love watching how happy a sub gets from the results

There is simply too many sexual interests to list. Basically i am INCREDIBLY open minded. Saying that, I have NO interest in anything of an [filtered word] nature. I abhor ageplay, have no interest in roleplay, [filtered word] or anything of that nature
I am a very visual person, pretty much a self confessed voyeur so if i cant see you, then i have no interest in you. Telling someone what you want them to do and then hoping they are doing it or guessing is a waste of my time. Hence you will need a webcam or we cannot proceed. You will not be required to show your face UNTIL comfortable and you will not be required on cam all the time. I simply have no interest in training someone i cant visually see is obeying
I nly use skype as i use it for work and it is on all of the time.
In terms of you, i am not fussy. I like bodies of all sizes but if i have to give a preference, i prefer training married, older larger women who enjoy humiliation over most other forms of submissive behaviour
My Skype contact is sphinxjb. Please feel free to add me there and let me know where you are adding me from so i know what it is in regards to
thanks for reading and hope you are all having an amazing day

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Re: Evil Minded but Caring Sir Seeking an Open Minded ...

that sounds interesting

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