Experience Black Master Seeking New White Slave To Collar For Life Time Relationship
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Experience Black Master Seeking New White Slave To Collar For Life Time Relationship

I am a well educated, very fit and friendly Black Master from Salem Massachusetts. I work in Boston Massachusetts for the State of Massachusetts. I have been in the lifestyle for 14+yrs and truly enjoy all the fun and pleasures of Bondage and Discipline. I learn everything that I know about the lifestyle form a good older female Mistress friend of mine. She taught me and trained me at a young age.

I stand 6 feet tall, 205lbs with a lean and fit body type, I am clean and D&D free, and extremely well hung. I have a thing for all things Interracial! Thus I love Dominating and Pleasing Asian/White women. Very much into Bondage and Discipline, Spankings, Force Oral, Forced Anal, TPE, Blind-Folds and Hand-Cuffs and many other thing that cause pleasure.

I live a rather private and simple life! My family nor do any of my close friends know that I belong to such a lifestyle. I work full-time for the state, I am also a Martial Arts teacher. I teach Karate/ Judo/ and Ninjitsu to [filtered word] and Adults during the week. I have been studying the Martial Arts for over 28yrs! Yeah! very long and seems like a lifetime. My dad was my first Master/Teacher, and I will continue to study and teach until I am old and grey.

Was in a 10yr Master/Slave relationship that I ended about 8 months ago due to my ex-slave constant Lies, Deception, and Drug use. All of which I have a Zero Tolerance for. I try to help her many, many times to cope with her drug problems, but she simply refused my help and I had to make a very difficult decision! One of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. But that is a very long story for another day. I am just glad to have found a site that seems to packed with Real and very Sincere people on it.

So! I am looking for a Worthy White Slave to fully Black Owned and Collar for a LTR! I am looking for a No Limits type of Slave!! One who is Slim and Petite, clean and D&D free, and one who knows how to service and worship her Master in all aspects of things. If interest in learning more about me, please message me. I am very much into these 4 important aspect of the lifestyle! Passion, Seduction, Nirvana, and Adult Fun!! Any Slave that I decide to Own and Collar, should expect this and much more from me. I Have Certain Requirements I am seeking in a white slave.

The Requirements are: White female, single, Smart & Attractive, A girl who needs Structure, Guidance & Discipline. A girl needing, wanting, willing to Give-up ALL rights of decision & choice. Realize the freedom that servitude will bring your soul. Being the protected cherished slave servant owned by me, without shame, or guilt

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